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The World At War



The World At War is a no-nonsense, no-holds-barred expository treatise of the globalization conspiracy. It explains the real reasons why nations fight and gives descriptions of the real people behind our political leaders, their ideologies and their organizations, starting with a presentation of the philosophical formula which the conspirators have applied to the geopolitical situation for the last two centuries. It then goes on to describe each of the four major causes (Catholicism, Zionism, federalism and socialism) which they have used to incite the masses into supporting the dissolution of conservative government and religion. The book ends with the shocking revelation that the circumstances and reasons for the current World War Three were planned by a small cabal of Satanists in the mid-19th century!

This book takes the main argument presented in William Guy Carr's unfinished Satan, Prince of This World and provides the same analysis polished with the most up to date scholarly resources available. Quotations have been taken from the conspirators in their own words, and an overall picture has been created and systematically disseminated in elementary fashion so that even the most uneducated readers will have an easy time understanding each of the major themes. However, it is not only for beginners, and the most seasoned veterans of this genre are also sure to learn many things and enhance their overall understanding of the topics. The author has taken a neutral stance on every controversial issue presented in Carr's manuscript and thoroughly researched them with such objectivity that it will be impossible to argue with his conclusions. Never before has a publication so truthfully and concisely articulated an overview of the nature and causes of conflict with such scope and definition. This is sure to become the most important book in the e-library of any truth-seeker concerned about the current geopolitical situation, an easily referenceable authority on the internationalist synthesis, and a perfect tool for introducing the conspiratorial view of history to the uninitiated.

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