The World At War

Chapter 6: The Zionist Cause






There are several distinct meanings of Zionism, and of its antithetical ideology, usually referred to as anti-Zionism. Here, we will be focusing on the meaning of the Jewish settlement of Palestine and the establishment of political supremacy of Jewish culture in that region, which is generally referred to as Political Zionism. This form of Zionism is ultimately the major cause of the World Wars. It makes Jews the scapegoats of these and other catastrophes, and of their own antithetical ideologies, such as Communism and National Socialism. In fact, while Zionism and Judaism are practically synonymous and interchangeable concepts, the two ideologies have never shared a common base of support, and Political Zionism had virtually no support among the Ashkenazi Jews of Europe and North America until after WWII. The plan to establish Jewish hegemony over Palestine is as old as Jewish culture itself, however, and whether they call themselves Jews or Illuminati, the Satanists have never deviated from this ancient agenda.

To an accidentalist, this situation must seem ironic and unfortunate. Zionism exists to generate support for an otherwise universally despised cause (warmongering abroad, as well as the Israeli occupation of Palestine) among an otherwise conscientious demographic (Christians). We already know that the Jewish identity was fabricated by Illuminists. It should not come as a surprise, therefore, that the idea of “anti-Semitism” was, too. Allegations of anti-Semitism are routinely used to combat resistance to political Zionism, and also as an excuse for the infiltration of secular humanists into the religion of the Ashkenazi Jews.

As France was the first tangible product of the international revolution in Europe, it was also the place where state-sponsored anti-Semitism and Zionism were first brought about. Napoleon Bonaparte announced the Zionists’ plan for the occupation of Palestine and confirmed his intention to settle Jews there as early as 1799. The idea was originally suggested as a solution to “potential problems” in the Middle East, but as history and current events show, it has done nothing except create conflict, so this idea had to be abandoned long ago. The First Aliyah (‘ascent’), or European immigration to Palestine, began in 1882, and was funded specifically by Edmund de Rothschild in Paris and a few other Illuminists, such as those of the Montefiore family.150 In consideration to the supreme council’s plan for the First World War a decade earlier, their program was set up specifically for Russian Jews.151

The way this was done was by the creation of a new classless ideology called Communism. Karl Marx remarked in 1848 that entire races of people would disappear from the face of the earth in the next cataclysm, yet the only races targeted for complete annihilation during the 20th century were Serb and Armenian Christians, and, through cultural assimilation and forced resettlement, Ashkenazi Jews in Europe. Marx’s most influential work prior to 1848 was A World Without Jews, and like all other notable 19th century Jew-haters, he himself was born into an Illuminist family of Jews. His real name was Moses Mordecai Levi.152

Marxism, or Communism as it is often ignorantly called, was not a new idea when Marx copied it from his sources. For Das Kapital, the “Bible of the Working Class,” he copied parts of the Talmud verbatim, and for The Communist Manifesto, he plagiarized The Science of Government Founded on Natural Law by Clinton Roosevelt, who had, in turn, copied Weishaupt’s protocols and the writings of other Illuminists, such as Henri de Saint-Simon.153 The other Communist leader Friedrich Engels, an English Jew, had joined Mazzini’s Young Germany society in Basel, Switzerland in 1835. Marx and Engels were both initiated into the highest degrees of Masonry and reorganized the Communist League, which had commissioned Roosevelt.154 Mazzini’s own personal secretary was a member of the First Socialist International.

According to Professor Michedlov of the Marx Institute, there were over 100 volumes in Marx’s collection, but only 13 have been reprinted for the public.155 The Communist Manifesto was not actually written by Marx, and he had not even been introduced to French collectivism until after he had supposedly begun writing it. It was actually written by Engels, as nearly all of his other published works were, and the title of authorship was only given to Marx two decades after the fact. Published in 1848, it was intended to catalyze the revolution in France to depose Louis-Phillipe. Meanwhile, as Engels was still writing the Manifesto, Karl Ritter was already working on the antithesis of Marxist collectivism in Germany, which was finished by Friedrich Nietzsche and took the form of National Socialism.156

Nietzsche was a practicing Satanist, just like Marx. Contrary to popular belief, the master race of Nietzsche’s ideology is not the “Nordic” race of the Nazis, but rather the “Aryan” or Turkic-steppe/Ashkenazi race of the Illuminists, and the infamous Nuremberg Race Laws are nothing more or less than a direct translation of certain Talmudic precepts into the vernacular of the German language. By killing large numbers of Jews in the Soviet Union and pretending that their “enemies” in Germany were doing the same, these rabidly anti-Semitic Jews have convinced the greater population of goy Jews that in order to live securely, they must have their own homeland, and accept that their homeland is Palestine, i.e., to support the Zionist agenda.

At its core, Marxism is synonymous with Satanic anarchism (it is not actually a thesis, but is described rather as the antithesis to capitalism), and the World Zionist Organization is practically synonymous with the Synagogue of Satan. The goals of collectivism the way Roosevelt, Engels and Marx envisioned it are the exact same as those of the Illuminists, copied word for word from Weishaupt’s protocols to the platform of the Communist Party.157 The Jews who invented anti-Semitism did so in order to achieve these goals in the face of opposition by playing on humanitarian sympathies. Nearly all Jews were opposed to the idea of conquering Palestine, whether by peaceful settlement or military force, as the Zionists and Communists were both openly advocating the abolition of all religion. As if it is not apparent enough in the writings of the Communists, Marx credited the Satanist Charles Darwin with giving him the basis of his ideology. His actual writings refer to Satan by the Yiddish name of Oulanem, and he wrote that he wanted to avenge himself against “the One who rules above.”158

The earliest socialists were all Jews, and claimed that religion perpetuated a diaspora mentality among their so-called race. Zionists like Moses Hess and Ber Borochov claimed that Jewish society would not be healthy until the majority of Jews lost their wealth and were forced to work as peasants, which just happens to be what resulted from the so-called Holocaust.159 By forcing them to work, whereas before they had notoriously leeched off their host societies, the Zionists hoped to make Jews forget about their religion and disparate cultural identities, so they would become thralls of the Illuminist conspiracy. This Marxist ideology, called Labor Zionism, which falsely recognizes the land of Israel as the source and actual being of Jewish culture, became mainstream in both secular and religious Judaism and Christianity about a century ago.



The World Zionist Organization


The word ‘Zionism’ was coined by Nathan Birnbaum in 1890. He had founded the first Zionist organization, the Kadimah, several years earlier as a student in Vienna, but did not advocate a national Jewish state in Palestine until he was influenced by the Illuminist Chaim Weizmann.160 Another Viennese Illuminist named Theodor Herzl came to prominence around this time and took Zionism in its new direction. Herzl’s influence over Jewry was total. The highest mountain in Jerusalem bears his name, and his grave is an Israeli national monument.161

As a journalist in Vienna, Herzl was sent to investigate Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer in the French Army who had been convicted of treason. It was supposed for many years that Herzl’s conversion to Zionism happened because of the Dreyfus Affair, and that he came to the conclusion that Jews could not receive fair treatment, even in “Enlightened” France. However, this notion has been rejected now that historians have sobered a little and admitted that Herzl plainly believed Dreyfus was guilty.162 Herzl published Der Judenstaat (‘The Judaean State’) in 1896 and organized the First Zionist Congress in Basel the following year.163 It was here that Zionism became a defined ideology with a deliberate public agenda.

Zionism seeks to establish a home for the Jewish people in Eretz-Israel [‘the Land of Israel,’ i.e. Palestine] secured under public law. The Congress contemplates the following means to the attainment of this end: The promotion by appropriate means to the settlement in Eretz-Israel of Jewish farmers, artisans, and manufacturers. The organization and uniting of the whole of Jewry by means of appropriate institutions, both local and international, in accordance with the laws of each country. The strengthening and fostering of Jewish national sentiment and national consciousness. Preparatory steps toward obtaining the consent of governments, where necessary, in order to reach the goals of Zionism. First Zionist Congress164

The First Zionist Congress created the World Zionist Organization and elected Herzl as its president. Herzl proposed a Jewish state in either Palestine or Argentina, because Palestine was “our ever-memorable historic home” (an obvious lie) and Argentina was “one of the most fertile countries in the world.” The British government also suggested partitioning land in Uganda in 1903.165 The Jewish Territorialist Organization led by Israel Zangwill wanted a homeland wherever it was available, but lost its influence during WWI, and not much attention has ever been given to the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, which still exists in the Russian Far East. While the world’s Jewish community was completely indifferent to a homeland, and bitterly opposed to the Zionist movement, none of the alternatives to Palestine was acceptable to the Zionists, because each was intended to resolve, prevent or avoid conflict, rather than foment it.

Judaism is not a religion in the Western sense of the word. Judaism is the precipitated spiritual experience of the Jewish people. The idea of Judaism is inseparable from the idea of the Jewish people, and the idea of the Jewish people is inseparable from the idea of the Jewish land. […] Such is the goal toward which the Jewish people are striving, and such is the fabric for which the ground is now being cleared by the labor of the Peace Conference at Paris. The Zionist ideal is the twofold ideal, national and human, of the Rabbis. “Jerusalem is the city that made all Israel brothers. Jerusalem is destined to be the mother-city of all the lands.” H. Sacher166

This was written in 1919. The following demands were submitted by the World Zionist Organization at the same Paris Peace Conference, which negotiated the treaties ending WWI:

1. The recognition of the historic title of the Jewish people to Palestine, and the right of the Jews to reconstitute Palestine as their national home.
2. That the boundaries of Palestine shall extend on the west to the Mediterranean, on the north to the Lebanon, on the east to the Hedjaz railway and the Gulf of Akabah.
3. That the sovereign title to Palestine shall be vested in the League of Nations, and the government be intrusted to Great Britain as mandatory of the League.
4. That Palestine shall be placed under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment there of the Jewish national home, and ultimately render possible the creation of an autonomous commonwealth, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.
5. For these purposes the mandatory power is to promote Jewish immigration and close settlement on the land; to accept the cooperation of a Council representing the Jews of Palestine and the world, and to give this Council (which is to be precluded from making a private profit) priority in any concession for public works or the development of the natural resources of Palestine.
6. Hebrew shall be one of the official languages of Palestine, and the Jewish Sabbath and Holy Days shall be recognized as legal days of rest.167
The Restoration


 The overwhelming opposition to the Zionist agenda by Jews in the 19th and 20th centuries was overlooked by internationalists and the international community. Speaking against Zionism, Ahad Ha’am (‘Voice of the People’) wrote in 1891 that “it is hard to find tillable land that is not already tilled in Palestine.”168 Orthodox and Reform Jews claimed that human efforts to establish a Jewish nation in Palestine without the Messiah’s intervention were blasphemous, especially considering that the Zionists were avowed Atheists and socialists who had no regard whatsoever for the customs or even the condition of Jews, much less the Palestinian Arabs. As late as 1975, the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 3379, declaring that Zionism is “a form of racism and racial discrimination.”169

From abroad we are accustomed to believing that the Arabs are all desert savages, like donkeys, who neither see nor understand what goes on around them. But this is a big mistake […] The Arabs, and especially those in the cities, understand our deeds and our desires in Eretz Israel, but they keep quiet and pretend not to understand, since they do not see our present activities as a threat to their future […] However, if the time comes when the life of our people in Eretz Israel develops to the point of encroaching upon the native population, they will not easily yield their place. Ahad Ha’am170

Jews like Ha’am and Eliezer Ben Yehudah rightly believed that Zionist hegemony in Palestine meant conflict with the native Arab population, but failed to realize that such conflict is exactly what the Illuminists had always intended. Instead, they proposed that the WZO should emphasize the Hebrew language and Jewish culture, free from diaspora influence. However, the Jews had no culture that they were even aware of, independent of European influences, while Hebrew had been a dead language for a very long time, and never spoken by any group of Jews throughout history. (At that time, European Jews spoke Yiddish, which is descended from Aramaic, as all other Jewish languages are.) The idea of associating the practically non-existent Ashkenazi culture with that of ancient Israel was seen as so absurd by the level-headed Zionists that Herzl campaigned to make German the official language of the hypothetical state.171

The Kingdom of Israel was permanently destroyed in 722 BC, contrary to popular belief which associates its continuance with the Kingdom of Judah, but as ridiculous as the notion that Jews are “God’s chosen people” is, the identity theft was necessary due to the discrepancy between the Jewish and Judaean cultures, and due to the many condemnations of the Kingdom of Israel throughout the Hebrew Tanakh. Despite all this, Hebrew did become the official language, and Palestine was chosen as the location, as though God, rather than the Synagogue of Satan, had intended it that way. After all, this was the all-consuming goal of the ancient rabbinim, the medieval Templars, and the modern Jesuits and Freemasons alike.

When Herzl died in 1904, Chaim Weizmann became the figurehead of the Zionist movement. Weizmann was a distinguished professor at Manchester University in England, and used his connections to campaign for a Jewish nation in Palestine, run by Britain.172 He was the one most responsible for the demands issued at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, and he served as the WZO’s president for two decades. Other leaders of the Zionist movement in Britain included Walter Rothschild, and the very influential statesman Benjamin Disraeli. Owing to their influence, the British foreign secretary formally declared Britain’s intent to establish a Jewish nation in Palestine, regardless of the consequences, in 1917.

His Majesty’s Government views with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use its best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country. Arthur Balfour173

The British captured Gaza immediately after the Balfour Declaration, which was actually a statement addressed to Rothschild. What the annals of history do not adequately record is that Russia, France and the United Kingdom had signed a secret treaty in 1916 partitioning the Levant, which had belonged to the Ottoman Empire at the time.174 France was to be given most of the coastal strip of Syria, and Britain the land to its south. Conveniently between these protective barriers, there was to be a new government in Palestine, controlled by the Entente Powers. No mention was ever made of Jewish culture or autonomy, whether publicly declared or privately brokered.

This partitioning is precisely what transpired during and after WWI. However, the Zionists did not really have a clear agenda regarding what Israel was to be until later, probably because WWII took much longer to foment than the Illuminists had hoped, or else because they were just waiting to deal with the issue of statehood after the planned pretext of what is known as the Holocaust. It is not our purpose here to examine the Holocaust allegations, but the propaganda served as the sole means by which the world’s Jews became convinced that they needed to establish a homeland in Israel, and the outcome was that the world allowed it, if not that it actually became convinced that it was obligated to provide it to them to rid itself of the guilt of not doing enough to prevent the alleged genocide of Jews. (Never mind the tens of millions of civilians who were actually killed during the war, including the more than 10 million Ukrainians that died of forced attrition at the hands of the Bolsheviks.)

Once the Holocaust propaganda was in order, the British government relinquished control of Palestine as soon as it became feasible. Many Jews flocked to Palestine, while others went elsewhere. The openly anti-Semitic 33rd Degree Mason President Harry S. Truman was also a staunch supporter of Zionism and worked around opposition in the newly formed United Nations, as well as his own cabinet, to create an Israeli state, with American money, in 1947 and 1948.175 To this day, the very existence of Israel is wholly dependent on funding by the American government, which grants about half of its total foreign aid budget to the occupation.



The Zionist Synthesis


 After Britain withdrew from Palestine, the United Nations partitioned it into two states: one Jewish, and the other Arab. The Jews declared Israel an independent country on 14 May 1948, but kept their borders until expanding them during the Six-Day War of 1967.176 In its short history, Israel has fought in five major wars against its Arab neighbors, not including innumerable sorties against Palestinian and Lebanese civilians, defensive engagements, or acts of espionage undertaken especially during the Anglo-American invasions of Iraq. To promote immigration in this volatile region, Israel’s Knesset passed the Return Law in 1950. This piece of legislation grants citizenship rights to all would-be Jews enthusiastic enough about the idea of Eretz Israel to put up with the wars. Ironically, however, it also technically grants Arab Palestinians the “right” to “return” to their own homes, but this right is constantly denied.

Illuminists have played all of the major roles within the Zionist movement, but few have been as influential as Benjamin Netanyahu. Educated in the United States, he was the first (and, to date, the only) prime minister of Israel born after the Israeli War of Independence.177 Since establishing his connections with the Weizmann family early in his political career, he has served in many roles and many capacities for the New World Order (including 14 ministerial posts in 7 Knessets), from splitting the dominant Likud Party, to fomenting war with the Lebanese (and now Palestinian) political party and alleged terrorist organization Hamas. He is publicly known to have been tipped off to the terrorist attacks on the London transportation system in 2005, and even published a prediction that a second “attack” on the World Trade Center towers would destroy them as early as 1995.178 His face became a familiar sight to many Americans on 11 Sep 2001 as he was being interviewed on national television, and a week later he was dictating policy in a speech to the US Senate.179 Since the first publication of the present book, he has taken up the post of Prime Minister again (an outcome which this author predicted long before the end of his first term in 1999), and is now the chief propagandist for the Zionist cause as it regards the build-up to the imminent Anglo-American invasion of Iran.

As Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations in 1985, Netanyahu recited a summary of what the Zionist movement had accomplished, in response to the UN General Assembly’s Proclamation of Blessing. “To live in the land of Israel outweighs all the commands of the Torah,” he stated, speaking on behalf of all the Talmudists around him (and the Talmud is openly contemptuous of the Torah, to the point that the rabbis depicted therein are constantly pondering ways of circumventing its mandates), and his views on Zionism are perhaps the most accurate and relevant of any man alive.180 The true meaning of his carefully selected words cannot possibly be understood without the conspiratorial interpretation of history, a working knowledge of the Illuminists’ protocols, and how politicians such as he use a complex language of “doublespeak” and neuro-linguistic programming keywords to get their points across to the subconscious minds of their audience, but in them is all the truth of the partially hidden agenda New World Order, and the revelation of their ambitions.

There were those whose sense of history, whose sense of morality, whose very essence link them to the people of the Book and to the rebirth of Israel in our time. I mean, of course, the men and women in this room. Now recently the press has made much of the support of Evangelical Christians for Israel. Many have been puzzled and surprised by what they consider to be a new-found friendship. But I suggest that for those who know the history of Christian involvement in Zionism, there is nothing either surprising nor new about the steadfast support given to Israel by believing Christians all over the world. For what, after all, is Zionism but the fulfillment of ancient prophecies? […] There was an ancient yearning in our common tradition for the return of the Jews to the Land of Israel. And this dream, smoldering through two millennia, first burst forth in the Christian Zionism of the 19th Century—a movement that paralleled and reinforced modern Jewish Zionism. British and American writers, clergies, journalists, artists and statesmen all became ardent proponents of facilitating the return of the Jews to their desolate homeland. […] This was not only a current of idealism. Practical plans were actually drawn up for the return of the Jews. In 1948, Warder Cresson, the American Consul in Jerusalem, helped establish a Jewish settlement in the valley of Refraim, supported by a joint Christian-Jewish society in England. And Claude Condor, an aide to Lord Kitchener carried out an extensive survey of Palestine, concluding that the country could be restored by the Jews to its ancient prosperity. Benjamin Netanyahu181

Even though anything which comes out of Netanyahu’s mouth may be considered a half-truth at its very best, he has always been one to show his true colors in his subtle manner, and this shows how easily and purposefully the Zionists have subverted the Christian religion. While Christians are taught to believe that Israel is the fulfillment of God’s intentions, they are also taught to believe the contradictory notion that they themselves (the Christians) are the true Israel and God’s chosen people, or even that there is no favored group to begin with. (That is, Christians are brainwashed into accepting a universal standard of values based on multiculturalist propaganda, as well as a total rejection of and intolerance for racist or inequitous views, but also into accepting Jewish racism and Israeli apartheid, though this is both the only major factor of racism in contemporary world politics and the sole exception that is ever supposed to be allowed for.) The term ‘the elect’ appears in the New Testament, speaking about Christians, and even this is misconstrued to refer to the earthly nation of Israel, which Christ and his disciples and even the Old Testament prophets before them so vehemently opposed. Practically the whole Bible was written as a condemnation of the Synagogue of Satan and its earthly governments. So when Netanyahu speaks of the “book,” he clearly means the Talmud, not the Torah or the Bible.

Netanyahu’s 45-year track record of participation in state-sponsored terrorism does little to enhance the Zionists’ credibility among Christians who have the courage to ask questions, so whenever the Illuminists fail to get their way, they contrive to convince Christians that God is exacting his revenge on those who oppose Zionism, in some mystical or inexplicable way.182 For example, immediately after the Mossad (Israeli intelligence agency) murdered Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, a randomly selected Palestinian was blamed in order to deflect attention from Netanyahu, who had previously charged Rabin with defying God for coming to peace terms with the Palestinians. Netanyahu made several indications that Rabin would be assassinated, a fact which was picked up by American Jewish author Michael Drosnin, who achieved worldwide fame and best-selling book status when he announced that he had predicted Rabin’s assassination before it had happened and that he had tried to warn him, due to a highly unorthodox interpretation of scripture which ignores the plain speech of it entirely. Meanwhile, many people would rather believe the demonstrably faulty premises of Drosnin’s so-called Bible Code (which could just as easily be used to show that Netanyahu was the culprit, with less ambiguity, as that the name of the assassin was relevant to the guesswork) than that the radical right-wing Israeli nationalist convicted of Rabin’s murder had ties with the radical right-wing government that employed him, and the initial conundrum of why an Israeli prime minister who was sympathetic to the Palestinian plight would be killed by a patriotic Palestinian has never been officially answered or even addressed.183

While any reasonable conspiracist can easily recognize the means and motives of events such as this, many Christians look at them as fulfillment of some obscure prophecy linked to a divine mandate for the nation of Israel to exist and make war against its neighbors. Furthermore, by creating an Israeli identity out of thin air, the Zionists have also established an Arab Palestinian identity in the same country, but confined to overpopulated detention camps under constant siege. This displaced Palestinian culture is then used to foment terrorism and militarism, and is especially useful for inciting Islamic cultures and governments to join in the pretext of totalitarian rule in the West. This, too, was planned long in advance. For without an enemy, without this fake threat of Islamic radical boogeymen, there would be no vehicle for Hegelian fascism, and no pretext for the so-called War on Terror.






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151 The basic motive was to encourage Jews of all races (Jewish culture is not a race or ethnicity) and nations to settle Palestine. As Russia was the state targeted for revolution and still retained a high population of Jews who were not welcome there, socially and economically, it made sense to export them from Russia first. Then the revolution made it unsafe for all Jews, who became enemies of the state through identification with the revolutionaries. Consequently, it only took a little ethnocentric propaganda to convince many Jews that they were being persecuted and that Rothschild would deliver them to their promised land. Ironically, the Jews who stayed in Russia assumed power during the revolution, but the Jews who settled in Palestine became slaves of the state there. Those who did not bend to his wishes in either country were punished, although the mass murder and deportation of Jews in the Soviet Union did not start for several more years. The fact that Nilus’ propaganda happened to come from Russia within two decades of Rothschild’s first sponsored settlement can hardly be a coincidence. See endnote 159 and text. See also the subchapter on the Russian Revolution on pp. 70-71.



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Hamas became the dominant political party in Syria after I originally wrote this (2005), and the propaganda against them conflagrated exponentially shortly thereafter, to the point that, by the time I was ready to publish it (2006), the update to this note already said, “it is obvious the Illuminati intend to use them as a pretext for their imminent invasion. The skirmishes began this summer (2006) and Israel has continued to lose face within the international community for being on the offensive. But as they are well aware, it hardly matters what people think or say so long as they do not do anything about the situation. It is apparent now that the next stage of the current World War will involve Syria and Iran. This plan, including the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the identities of its authors were revealed to me in 2002 by a co-worker in the US Department of Homeland Security.” In fact, as of the end of 2012, Hamas has now become the dominant political faction in Palestine as well, and its activities there have been the pretext for Israel’s recent attacks on Gaza, which are aimed not only at fomenting World War Three (which, with these attacks, has officially begun, though it will take a few more years for the results to materialize), but also at turning world opinion against the Zionist state, in order to bolster the resistance against the New World Order, thereby empowering the long-term Illuminati agenda. It really could not be any more obvious that Israel has been portrayed by all forms of social media as the belligerent party in this conflict, specifically for the reason I outlined in 2006, and the results are visible in the worldwide demonstrations of Palestinian solidarity, and in all the celebrations in the wake of the recent truce, which is being called a Palestinian “victory.”

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182 My favorite example of God’s mystic justice in support of Zionism is the controversy involving Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s deteriorating health and a conversation which took place on The 700 Club between the prominent Christian Zionism pundits Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. The association they drew between Sharon’s poor health (construed as a punishment inflicted by God) and his role in the partitioning of Israeli land (which, incidentally, was done by the Carlyle Group, not any Israeli) was deemed insensitive and inappropriate, and even drew attacks from politically correct Zionist organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League. (Sharon fell into a persistent vegetative state within a few months of the insertion of this endnote in 2006.)

183 Whether or not the man who assassinated Rabin was actually a Palestinian is not the point of my contention. What I am offended by is the historiographer’s tendency to implicitly support the fabricated propaganda of the mainstream media sources which report the events. For example, in the United States it is always a “lone gunman” who gets blamed for the crime, but when the assassination starts or is intended to start a war, it is a ‘Serb’ or a ‘Palestinian’ who gets blamed. This propagandist method of reporting is not even representative of who or which faction of which ideology committed the act. Obviously it is only even done out of necessity, as people tend to demand fewer answers if, for instance, “Oswald” is conceived to have murdered a US president, rather than ‘a CIA hit squad.’ Certainly name association, demonizing and scapegoating are the primary methods of fascist subversion; as the media are not only complicit, but actually heavily involved, the only consistency is in the association of the pretext with the target of its propaganda, and the fact that it is all a lie.