The World At War

Chapter 1: The Conspiratorial Nature of History




Hegelian Dialectic


The German Idealist Georg Hegel taught that all historical events emerge from a conflict between opposing forces.1 These forces create a thesis which encourages the emergence of an opposing ideology called an antithesis. In some cases, an opposing force may desire to create an outcome according to its own ideology, but this is not a practical result of any conflict, and a compromise must therefore be reached by both ideologies. The forces that have created the conflict normally have the same goal in mind. This predetermined result called the synthesis is the only real cause and reason for the conflict of ideologies. When a synthesis is reached, the process begins again, and the synthesis acts as the new thesis by which conflict is renewed through another antithesis.

History is therefore a long series of conflicts, the greatest of which is the conflict of ideologies which seek to enslave the minds of individuals and societies, and to coerce them into conforming with the predetermined synthesis.2 History shows that whole societies are far less resilient to cultural programming than individuals, so it is easier to indoctrinate an entire nation than it is to make an individual accept an antithetical point of view. It is important to remember that all antitheses at level of historical significance are at least partially managed by their opposing forces, through the staged conflicts, and that they are intended to be from the outset of their propagation.

The differences between the conventional interpretations of history (the thesis and the antithesis), and the truths of history (the synthesis) are matters of debate. Much of what we will cover has already proved to be too discomfiting for many people to accept. This does not make the content false or untrue by itself, and the fault of misunderstanding does not lie with those who reveal an antithetical paradigm, but rather with those who remain subjective according to their own bias and who therefore cannot allow for or synthesize the opposing views. Our goal is merely to provide a brief and succinct survey of important trends and true causes of wars and conflicts, not to prevent or stop them, but so that the reader may be left with the most correct interpretations for future studies, and the general understanding necessary to act according to future situations.

The fact is that there is a massive plan in effect to establish a synthesis which is a single world government and a single world religion to encompass all of humanity. It was masterminded by a relatively small group of cooperative individuals carefully selected to manage large populations of people, and all aspects of their societies and cultures. To date, this plan has been successful in accomplishing its overall objectives. This internationalist movement has had many faces over the years, and as it is primarily a religious ideology with its power stemming from organized religion, a continuous history of conspiracy to advance the internationalist cause cannot be easily traced to its beginnings with any certainty except through the interpretive bias of religious scriptures.

Rather than going all the way back to the beginning of the internationalist movement or focusing on the religious aspect, we will begin our study with the emergence of the group of world leaders who have called themselves the New World Order (NWO). In this chapter we will show the reasons and purposes behind the New World Order ideology, before moving on to how it has been manifested.

The details of the variety of agents of this New World Order are trivial. Like the Hydra of Greek mythology, the beast cannot be killed by decapitation. Where one agent falls, two rise to take its place, and due to the esoteric and secretive nature both of the groups responsible and of their rituals, it is virtually impossible to gain more than a general understanding of what they are trying to achieve as a whole without actually participating in their activities or attending their conferences. Ultimately this conflict is a cosmic struggle between forces subjectively labeled ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ no matter who their myriad pawns are. Furthermore, even the initiates of secret societies may pass through all their ranks without ever gaining knowledge of the secret they serve.3

We will attempt to expose the hidden forces in this ongoing conflict and trace the agents of evil (as the majority of the rest of us regard it) to their sources to give the reader a general understanding of how the world has turned out the way it has and what lies in store for us in the future. (It certainly did not happen by accident, and our prospective future is even darker than our past.) Our matter-of-fact approach should not be mistaken for abandonment of scientific rigor. It is the result of conviction—the kind of conviction which happens by way of reason and a kind of understanding and appreciation which inspires men to tell the truth, even when faced with threats of pain, ridicule and death.





Any historical survey of the internationalist movement must begin with a discussion about the thesis, which is the consensus paradigm directed by the propaganda of the Western media worldview. This conventional view is actually an antithesis to the human psyche’s normal paradigm and requires deliberate indoctrination. When the rest of the world which does not receive the same indoctrination disagrees, it is marginalized as though all antithetical foreign cultures disagree on the basis of some religious ideology or jealousy over material wealth, and often the real issues are even used with a different interpretation so that both the controlled culture and the managed one can be incited to conflict with each other. While the people who make and shape history already know this, the masses generally do not. Sometimes the policy makers lie; sometimes their tongues slip; sometimes they just tell the truth because they love to boast.

History is the lie agreed upon. Voltaire4

History is more or less bunk. It’s tradition. We don’t want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker’s damn is the history we make today. Henry Ford5

The advantage of knowing the truth is what gives men like Voltaire and Henry Ford power over others. It takes only a rather simple logical exercise to understand this. Imagine that a person talks to a boxer before a fight. The boxer assures that person that he is going to throw the fight so that the man can place a bet and they can split the profits. The same person then goes to another person and makes a bet about the outcome of the fight. The fight is the conflict, and the outcome of the bet is the goal or synthesis. Moreover, the fight itself does not even matter, as the outcome is predetermined.

As the mainstream interpretation of history is the outcome of many years of planning and execution of an indoctrination process intended to create more conflict, many people are fully unaware that such a propaganda war even exists. What is now the established thesis of Western culture is not only untrue; it is also a deliberate lie. It was intentionally created to be replaced by a synthesis. Cultural programming is the most tremendous obstacle to the facilitation of learning, and we all know that “the victors” write history, but few individuals actually take history seriously when it is written by anyone else. This is how the illogical thesis of accidentalism is presented as truth in normal conversation and why the antithetical interpretation is rejected by the association of a few pejorative phrases, especially that of the infamous “conspiracy theory.”

The result of mass-scale ignorance of all but carefully selected propaganda, as intended, is the ability of world leaders to incite nations to wage wars on each other and inflict casualties on their own populations in order to justify these wars by means of a pretext—a disastrous, planned event which is attributed to the “enemy” targeted for conflict. Of course, few people would allow such things to happen if they realized they had the power to stop or prevent them. Subverting the masses behind closed doors is therefore necessary whenever a smaller group imposes its destructive will on a larger group. When the pacification of the larger group is necessary, this essentially involves the fabrication of a false belief system and the manipulation of information sources.

The word ‘accident’ comes from the Latin accidens for ‘happening’ or ‘occurring.’ In its modern ontological context, it implies an unforeseen and usually disastrous event dependent on circumstances such as motion or negligence of spatial relations.6 Accidentalism is a philosophical explanation of happenstance, a way of distinguishing between substance and sense in the course of events.

The kinship between what is “essential” and what is “necessary” has prompted the common use of “accident” for what is otherwise called a chance occurrence. Likewise, the term “accident” has come to be applied in law to any occurrence or result that could not have been foreseen by the agent […] or to a result not designed […] or, lastly, to anything unexpected. The Encyclopedia Britannica7

Accidentalism is therefore not the natural interpretation of chance occurrences, but one which is imposed philosophically by manipulating the ignorance of the agents perceiving the events. Accidentalism even has its own place among the logical fallacies as the fallacy of accident. Accidents which can be foreseen or expected by any agent are literally and legally not accidents at all. This includes any casual observers, including God. All religions and belief systems which do not deny the existence or benevolence of God rule out the feasibility of accidentalism.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

17b Allah doth confer a favour on you, inasmuch as He hath led you to the Faith, if ye are earnest. 18 Lo! Allah knoweth the Unseen of the heavens and the earth. And Allah is Seer of what ye do. Qur’an 49:17b-18 (Pickthall’s English translation)

As the most disastrous, devastating and unnatural of all human endeavors, war is the most deliberate, destructive and goal-oriented act a society can engage in. It is anything but accidental or chaotic. The truth is that any failure of political negotiations by itself or random and catastrophic causes could never create the artificial synthesis of war. Wars simply do not and cannot happen without human intercession. With recognition of these truths, one can see that the paradigm of accidentalism is the necessary philosophical vehicle for perpetrating a long series of wars against both foreign and domestic populations which, if aware of the true causes and relationships between them, would otherwise be prevented by every population involved.

A good way to look at it is to imagine a setting where there are no humans or human devices present. The things which happen in this setting are natural. The sun will rise and set, clouds will come and go and perhaps leave some precipitation. Birds may chirp and plants may grow, but there will never be a single act of violence between creatures using killing mechanisms. Such tools do not create or use themselves, and the forces of nature do not deliberate on battlefield tactics and war strategies. As General William Westmoreland said, “Militaries don’t start wars; politicians do.”8

However, the idea of war being a random or chaotic and natural process is so thoroughly infused into the contemporary human psyche through the Western media paradigm that the natural state of human affairs (peace) is made to seem unnatural. Peace has even come to be defined as something other than the mere absence of war, so that it is made to seem a difficult and ongoing process which requires a great deal of effort to achieve—an impossibility—as if inaction by opposing forces is what leads to conflict. It is as though the law of entropy applies to peace and not to the complex planning and execution of a synthesis. Accidentalists teach that there is nothing we can do to prevent disasters because it takes other disasters (war, attrition, conflicts, etc.) to mitigate their effects or direct them at some other more deserving group of people based on their association with an opposing ideology. Accidentalism in conflict with reason and logic can be summed up by paraphrasing an American proverb: “accidents happen.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Disasters are not inevitable, and it is not the natural tendency of humans to actively engage in wars which require much effort and are against the moral principles of most of the individuals who participate in them. Wars are caused and directed solely by those who stand to benefit from them, and societies and individuals around the world would be far more secure if there were no threats to their existence than if their leaders were armed to the teeth to defend them. Contemporary history shows that there are only one political movement and one religion which seek to destroy all others and impose their values upon all humanity under a single banner. These are what we refer to as the New World Order and its ideology, the New Age Movement.





Conspiracism is the antithesis of accidentalism. As we have seen, accidentalism is an unnatural philosophical interpretation of events and requires cultural indoctrination before it can be accepted by any otherwise reasonable individual. Conspiracism is the natural interpretation of events wherever people are not subjected to mass media tactics of disinformation. It is the primitive and intuitive interpretation, as well as the general theme of every major world religion or philosophy which has a dichotomy of good and evil. It is also the interpretation which anyone with a true understanding of history will inevitably accept, once enough true facts have been assessed.

All conflicts which have been waged by humans, whether military, political or ideological, have been the result of planning and execution, no matter how hasty the planning and how spontaneous the execution. As with an American football coach trying to direct his team to victory, the details of the plans must be kept hidden to enable success. Conspiracism is simply the common sense acknowledgment that some events, including large-scale disasters, are planned by individuals who have the means and will to carry them out, with or without the best or conventional interests of humanity in mind.

Ironically, as history is full of wars and disasters, the fundamental obstacle to acceptance of the conspiratorial view of history is the disbelief that humans can ignore the dictates of their consciences. Many people agree that royal families, elected politicians and other world leaders are proverbially corrupt sociopaths, but even for the prize of global control, they cannot accept that a flamboyant warmonger like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama might murder a few innocent bystanders. Yet our prisons are full of social delinquents who have murdered for a few dollars or for such intangible things as pride, jealousy, contempt or revenge. Furthermore, disasters are planned and wars are waged primarily for the kinds of ideological reasons which get these people elected to public office, not selfish or petty ones.

War is the most effective preacher of the vanity of all merely finite interests. It puts an end to that selfish egoism of the individual by which he would claim his life and his property as his own or as his family’s. John Dewey9

Those who direct our wholesale murder campaigns are supposed to be public servants, and those who carry out their orders are heroes, but those who kill in the name of freedom or justice are rebels and terrorists. Yet the same terrorists are the public servants and heroes of their own ideologies. This cannot make any sense without a basic understanding of the Hegelian dialectic and the realization that subjective notions like liberty and justice are open to interpretation.

It should not be so hard to believe that a global conspiracy exists when one realizes that every single government in the world is a far-profit corporation, and that corporations make policies based on how efficiently they can increase their profit margins, which are entirely the result of maximizing the potential benefits of exploiting other people. We all know that corporate executives are sociopaths, we all know that corporations’ executive boards seek people with sociopathic character traits to lead them, and we all know that government is power, and therefore that a position in government is the most attractive job available to criminals and sociopaths. If organized crime exists, as in the mafia, if corporations have the tendency to hide their criminal practices, as has been demonstrated in such cases as the accounting fraud scandals of numerous companies such as Enron, Peregrine Systems and Rite Aid, etc., and if some republican governments are admittedly corrupt, as the media are always quick to remind us, then it is illogical to assume that any other republican government would be free from such corruption just because it happens to be the one you serve, when the members of that government have been selected from the private business sector by special money interests, which have already demonstrated a tendency to only ever act in their own selfish and even criminal interests.

Just because a group of politicians makes laws for other people to obey, that does not mean they themselves will obey them. If anything, it only demonstrates that they wish to control other people in order to give themselves an unfair advantage over them, in exactly the same way that other criminal organizations do. So the question should not be how someone could do the things which are always inadvertently attributed to someone else, but what a committee of sociopaths will not do for power. With the whole world to gain, will people seeking the power of public office not sell their souls or kill a very small percentage of their own countrymen to foment wars with citizens of other countries which they intend to destroy, and profit from in the process? Do they not already do this for lesser rewards?

Surely anyone who can push buttons or sign orders to kill thousands can send people they have never met to their deaths after decades of preparing them. Surely the individuals who made genocide possible in the 20th century by financing the infamous totalitarian dictators are even more to blame for their atrocities than the stooges themselves. Surely when the entire mainstream media get all their news from only two agencies, and one of those agencies owns the other, and that owning agency is owned by the same family which controls the whole world’s money supply, then the objectivity of the media should automatically be in question when they fail to report issues pertaining to the threats to that money supply, and also to its means of acquisition.

If a conspiracy to commit acts of terror for the purpose of religious, ethnic or political intolerance at the expense of the perpetrators’ lives (the Western media propaganda view) can exist, then surely one can exist for the purpose of furthering the economic, social, religious, ideological or political agenda of the conspirators who reap incalculable wealth and power from every conflict they manage to create. Either version is a “conspiracy theory,” but that term is only applied to the antithetical point of view to invoke sentiments sympathetic to the established thesis, in order to stifle logical analysis.

If the whole world is owned and operated by a few diabolical individuals, as the Bible and other ancient dogmatic writings portray it, then it is logical that these people have the means to retain their power. They do not magically disappear or give up their power just because we are not watching their every move, and the world is obviously no better than it was a thousand years ago, before they started chanting their “enlightened” rhetoric. They do not fight for the same causes, goals and sentiments as the masses they manipulate. They are not loyal to a specific culture or nation. They invented those causes and sentiments; they invented those nations.

Despite the sound logic of the conspiratorial interpretation of history and the millions of organized crimes committed by egocentric individuals as evidence of the plausibility of conspiracy, the idea that groups of people could and do commit crimes against humanity may find reasonable objection, and it is therefore necessary to show the common ideological origins of the groups involved in order to demonstrate why they would do it. This is what many conspiracists generally fail to do, and one of the reasons there are so many Web sites devoted to the analysis of one group or another, a single trend, or a vague and incoherent overview. (The conspirators keep their plans hidden by means of misdirection.) When it is shown that all international conflicts and domestic revolutions that have taken place in the last two centuries have been directed by the New World Order, a general picture can be formed regarding the depth of planning and execution required to implement their agenda. Though little can be done to prevent them from achieving their goals, it is certainly in the best interest of individuals to prevent themselves from becoming human cattle—if they are among the fortunate few to survive the planned cataclysms, that is.





The key to understanding the conspiracy and how it has been put into action is by following its financial paper trail. Like all other events, wars and revolutions require financing to function, and this is what the publishers of general history textbooks either intentionally omit or negligently overlook. More often than not the paper trial can be traced to Wall Street, and prior to the 20th century, to the wealthy German, Swiss and Italian families which now manage it. Before all these the Knights Templar financed, fought in and exploited all kinds of military activities in many countries as the world’s first international credit-based banking institution. The possessions of the Knights Templar were then handed over to the martial orders which took their place, especially the Knights Hospitaller, and to the governments which conspired against them, and the secret societies which succeeded them.

In recent times, as in old, people around the world have been granted the right to accrue and discharge debt by the internationalist conspirators under the guise of philosophical free will and its political counterpart of free choice or self-determination. This puts anything with intrinsic value, such as land and precious metals (i.e., money), into the hands of private collectors who issue fiat currency in exchange for real material wealth. Fiat currency is ‘make believe’ money, to use a New World Order term, and it only exists because the masses allow it to replace any wealth they could otherwise accumulate.10 This is made possible by the fact that while fiat currency has only infinitesimal intrinsic value, it has a common societal value which enables people to trade goods by discharging their debts through it. Whoever controls the issued currency therefore owns and controls all the property and labor of those who elect to use it, and without using it, no one who is a part of that system can discharge debt to buy goods or lease property.

In other words, no one who does not use the currency has any wealth, except for what they are able to hide from the system of control which is designed to enforce the bankers’ policies (i.e., the government). That is precisely the idea behind the issuance of a fiat currency, because otherwise people would be working and producing for themselves, rather than for the bankers. Furthermore, the threat of impoverishment from working without pay, or even of imprisonment for not paying taxes, is a sufficient by itself to force people to choose and seek out their slavery. The conspirators’ overarching tactic is to prey upon “the most sensitive chords of his or her mind, upon the cash account, upon their cupidity, upon their insatiability for material needs and each one of their human weaknesses which, even when taken alone, is sufficient to paralyze initiative, because it hands over the will of men to the disposal of those who buy their activities.”11

The taxpayer—that’s someone who works for the federal government but doesn’t have to take the civil service examination. Ronald Reagan12

All debtors are controlled by their creditors in ways they do not even begin to comprehend, because all legal transactions in any given society are governed by certain rules which ensure that power and wealth are channeled to them. Due to the obviously unethical nature of this exploitation, the lower classes of citizens eventually accrue so much debt that they cannot even provide for their basic human needs. The paper notes which have been issued then become worthless, and the economy collapses, leaving the bankers in sole custody of all money, whether real or imagined, except for what the masses take away to barter for their survival once again.

In this way fiat currency is potentially disastrous for everyone except those who possess wealth which can retain some value after the financial collapse. It can only maintain its value as long as those who barter with it trust the issuing government to levy taxes and pay its debts.13 As of 2012, the United States has over $16.2 trillion of public debt which its citizens are responsible for discharging, a figure which is growing by over $4 billion every day.14 (This does not even include private debt which doubles the figure. When the second edition of this book was published in 2008, the figure was $9.3 trillion, increasing by $1.4 billion every day.) Incidentally, there is less than $1 trillion of ledger money in existence, the large majority of which is outside the US. This debt will never be paid, and in fact the vast majority of it literally cannot ever be paid.

When the US dollar crashes, the entire world economy will be ruined unless the event is managed by the international bankers. There are many things which could act as a catalyst, but the actual cause of such a crash would be the loss of confidence in the dollar. The New World Order know all of this and have spent the last two centuries acquiring all the world’s money and resources for themselves while maintaining the delicate balance of transactions necessary to keep the system impossibly working. If not for this cooperative management, the world economy would crash instantly.

As the internationalist bankers control the politicians, they also have the power to cause or prevent a stock market crash by influencing public confidence in fiat currency. The New World Order’s motto is ordo ab chao (‘order out of chaos’), and their agenda is to crash the world market at an opportune time for implementing their final synthesis. The bankers who manipulate the economies and governments of the countries they hail from desire to control not only the wealth and resources of their respective nations, but those of the whole world. They are united in their internationalist cause, and do not even recognize such nations the way the masses do. History shows that all domestic and international revolutions have been financed transnationally by capitalists in order to cancel the debts of and bring about spontaneous transference of wealth and power to those who stand to gain from such transactions. The Bolsheviks were backed by Gerson Schröder in Germany and Jacob Schiff in America; the Nazis were backed by Fritz Thyssen in Germany and Prescott Bush and Henry Ford in America, and so on.15, 16

This is the purpose of the conspiracy: to lead the masses out of their present oppressions and into a new and total subjection—a totalitarian dictatorship. There is simply no other plausible explanation for the capitalist financing of the world’s most “evil” political machinations which are theoretically opposed to capitalism, other than complicity in a grand scheme which reaches past short-term material, political and economic gain, to the very nature of power.

This plan has manifested itself in more ways than global capitalism and socialism, however. When the goals of the conspirators are reached, these too will be done away with, and in fact now that the conspirators are firmly in control, they exist simply to weaken and terrorize each other so that the masses will become utterly disillusioned and welcome the New World Order’s internationalism pogrom.17 Ironically, the conspirators’ agents have used the idea of world government through global conquest as an antithesis to foment the wars which have put them in power. In the following chapters, we will be taking a closer look at this trend, as well as each of the other major causes, and their roles in shaping the New World Order.






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16 My sources on this issue are too varied to annotate accurately, and they include many forms of media. The amount of evidence indicting Americans in financing and benefiting from the war crimes of other nations, and in acts of corporate treason against the United States, is staggering. Readers wishing to verify this claim should delay independent research until finishing the subchapter on the United States of America to get a better idea of where to begin investigating. There are many books written on this subject matter by more qualified writers. Unfortunately, the link I formerly used as a recommendation for a starting point has since expired.

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