The World At War





Commander William Guy Carr was a veteran of two World Wars and the writer of ten books and hundreds of articles on the subject of international armed conflict. He died in 1959, bequeathing a final manuscript called Satan, Prince of this World to his eldest son. William Carr, Jr. edited the manuscript and made it available in 1966 according to Commander Carr’s last wishes. However, W. J. Carr, Jr. found the work of revising his father’s manuscript to be beyond the scope of his ability. He left the document mostly untouched, and as a result Commander Carr’s work was only finally published in 1997 and has never been finished or widely distributed.

Satan, Prince of this World may be Carr’s most important book, since it has influenced many of us who have run into it during our studies, but it was not the work of his life. He never desired nor acquired substantial financial gain for his writing. His goal was simply to “tell the truth and shame the Devil.” In Satan,he says, “I fully realize that the Devil’s agents have [made] it unpopular to believe in the Bible; I know it isn’t ‘The Thing’ to believe in Hell or a Devil; I know I shall be ridiculed because of what I write … BUT I KNOW THAT WHAT I WRITE IS THE TRUTH” (p. 7).

Carr lived in a time when true information was still attainable, but few chose to access it, and we are therefore indebted to him for his research. It is not my goal hereto complete his monumental project of putting all the pieces together, nor to finish the truth campaign which he started, but rather to retell a part of the story which he began with Pawns in the Game, but in a more modern and readable format. My purpose is to make the same information more tangible and more neutral, and to rely on empirical evidence from the most credible sources rather than intuition or conjecture. I merely wish to provide insight to the history of the world the way it has really happened, as opposed to the way we are all influenced and encouraged to believe it has. It is also not my intent to thwart the Devil’s scheme or even to provide evidence of his hand in it. What readers do with the information contained here is up to them, as I believe it should be.

Carr firmly believed that the World Wars were a physical manifestation of a conflict which has taken place in a spiritual realm, and that the details are trivial, but I leave it to the reader to decide both issues without detracting from the good and evil dichotomy presented by Carr. At the same time, there is an unmistakable correlation between individuals picked out in his book and what he calls the Synagogue of Satan, plus or minus a few names. Independent research will prove this, and I encourage readers of the present book or that one to use their utmost ability to discover how much truth there really is in the connections which he has made. I have attempted to verify and mention all the appropriate associations listed in Satan, Prince of this World as a tribute to Carr and to add a few based on half a century of research and developments since 1959. Carr was right about most of his most important assertions, so it is not my goal to retrace the Satanic world government to the source of his argument, but rather to show that it does indeed exist and that it is the source of the problems which have been manifesting as worldwide conflict and instability for hundreds of years.

I admit I was ignorant of most of the facts I now present to my readers when I published [Pawns in the Game and Red Fog Over America]. I am not in the least ashamed of the fact that my knowledge regarding the struggle being directed by Lucifer to cause human beings to defect from God, so he can enslave them for all eternity, physically, mentally and spiritually, was as limited as it was in 1955. It should teach others a great lesson. I had honestly and sincerely worked and studied since 1911, trying to find the answer to the question: “Why can’t the Human Race live together in peace, and thus enjoy the bounties and blessings that God, The Creator, has provided in such abundance for our use and pleasure?” […] In fairness to myself, I wish to state that the ONLY real mistake I made was that I had been unable to tie in the supernatural relationship of the Luciferian revolt in Heaven with the World Revolutionary Movement as it is being conducted today. I blamed the international bankers; selfish international Capitalism, Nazism, and Communism as the root-causes of our evils. I knew, deep down in my heart, that wars and revolutions were planned years and years ahead, and designed to ultimately bring about the destruction of ALL existing forms of government and religion in order that a totalitarian dictatorship might be imposed on what is left of the world’s population after the last social cataclysm has ended; but I didn’t know for certain, as I feel sure I know now, that the W.R.M. is an exact replica of the struggle Lucifer and his followers put up for control of the Universe in that part of the celestial world we know as heaven. William Guy Carr

It must be noted that not all of Carr’s conclusions were verified before his death, and that some of the minor speculations have proved to be untrue. His book’s content is also lacking in pertinent details in some areas. For instance, he remarkably makes no mention of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the man who more than any other carried out the orders given by Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini in the 19th century. It is safe to assume that both of these faults will be inherent in the present book as well, as the subject matter is not easily verifiable, and some of it has never even been written about independently of Carr’s legacy. He also has a tendency to repeat himself, as may be expected of any author of an unfinished expository treatise. The present book essentially provides the same analysis, polished with the most up to date scholarly resources available.

It is imperative that the reader understands that the evidence itself is not in dispute by anyone. I have personally investigated Carr’s claims from beginning to end, and where his assertions are undocumented, I have provided adequate documentation. In order to remain purely objective, I have utilized references which are universally regarded as “neutral” (i.e., biased in favor of the opposing viewpoint) or at least subject to challenge. Wherever possible, I have only referenced Web pages in order to make verification of my conclusions researchable for all readers. For these reasons, the free Internet-based (and openly anti-“conspiracy theory”) encyclopedia Wikipedia is the primary reference. All Web page references listed in the endnotes are current as of 12 Dec 2012. Satan, Prince of this World is also heavily referenced.


Paul R. Miller, 12 Dec 2012