The Secrets of Lucifer

Chapter 1: The New Age Movement



The Brothers of Purity


7For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. 8And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming. 9The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, 10and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and be saved. 11For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12 (NIV)

The religious aspect of the New World Order is commonly referred to as the New Age Movement, a term taken from the 20th century writings of Alice Bailey. Novus Ordo Seclorum can mean either ‘New Order of the Cycles’ or, more concisely, ‘Order of the New [Great or Golden] Age,’ as it implies a culmination of cycles. These famous words written on the Great Seal of the United States of America come from a line in Virgil’s Eclogue IV which says Magnus ab integro seclorum nascitur ordo.1 This line is difficult to accurately translate into English without knowing the poet’s intent, especially because he appears to have intentionally hidden his actual meaning, but a literal rendering is “An order is born for the beginning of the great age,” or “A great order is born for the beginning of the ages.” Virgil did not coin this phrase by accident; he was one of the earliest known initiates of the hidden mysteries.

Illuminism, like any other philosophical movement, had its beginnings—that is, it was “born,” as the poet says. The continuously verifiable history of transmission of knowledge, and of ideology, begins in the Middle East around the year 800 AD, when several books were written in Arabic. These included the Kitab Ustuqus al-Uss al-Thani (‘Second Book of the Elements of Foundation’), the Kitab Sirr al-Khaliqa wa San’at al-Tabi’a (‘Book of the Secret of Creation and the Art of Nature’), and most importantly, the Kitab Sirr al-Asar (‘Book of the Secret of the Asar’), where Asar was taken from an ancient Egyptian noun as a reference to the God of Luciferianism.2 These books were the cornerstones of medieval Hermeticism, alchemy and Eastern Freemasonry. The three things are the philosophy, science and institution of Luciferianism, respectively. By the turn of the first millennium, there was an established cult flourishing right under the nose of Islam in Basra (modern Iraq), a city whose name means ‘where many paths meet’ in Persian.

Towards the close of the 10th century the presentation of an entire scheme of knowledge, beginning with logic and mathematics, and ascending through the various departments of physical enquiry to the region of religious doctrine, was accomplished by a society which had its chief seat at Basra. […] This society—the Brothers of Purity or Sincerity (Ikhwªn us Safª’i)—divided into four orders, wrought in the interests of religion no less than of science; and though its attempt to compile an encyclopaedia of existing knowledge may have been premature, it yet contributed to spread abroad a desire for further information. The proposed reconciliation between science and faith was not accomplished, because the compromise could please neither party. The 51 treatises of which this encyclopaedia consists are interspersed with apologues in true Oriental style, and the idea of goodness, of moral perfection, is as prominent an end in every discourse as it was in the alleged dream of al-Ma’mun. The materials of the work come chiefly from Aristotle, but they are conceived of in a Platonizing spirit, which places as the bond of all things a universal soul of the world with its partial or fragmentary souls. Encyclopedia Britannica3

Basra is thought to have been the location of the Garden of Eden. This ought to inform us of what the Brotherhood was really about.


A most interesting society, the Ikhwan al-Safa—the Brotherhood, Brethren or Philosophers of Purity—actually offered passers-by an initiation into their Garden of Splendor. “Come, enter and enjoy rare and lovely flowers, rest beneath stately trees, taste the sweetest of fruit and drink refreshing, spring-fed water.” If any held back, skeptical or afraid, the ‘wise and generous owner’ gave samples of the garden’s bounty to whet his appetite and entice him to step within and partake of the rich and satisfying beneficence awaiting those who live a spiritual life.

Samples they gave, but what ‘samples’ they were! Not fruits or flowers at all, but choice essays from the Brotherhood’s Rasa’il or Epistles, a scholarly and voluminous compendium of scientific, philosophical and metaphysical information garnered from harvests of past and contemporary cultures. Issuing this work in the last quarter of the 10th century, when other theological sects were proclaiming their unquestionable monopoly of truth, was in itself miraculous. With it the Brotherhood of Purity bridged the isolation of human differences and demonstrated that truth cannot be fragmented by accidents of race, epoch or habitat—that the many forms of religion are but various approaches to, or degrees of, spiritual enlightenment.

Discarding the blinders of ritual and dogma their members dedicated themselves:

to shun no science, scorn any book, or to cling fanatically to no single creed. For [their] own creed encompasses all the others and comprehends all the sciences generally. This creed is the consideration of all existing things, both sensible and intelligible, from beginning to end, whether hidden or overt, manifest or obscure … in so far as they all derive from a single principle, a single cause, a single world, and a single Soul. —Ikhwan al-Safe, Rasa’il, IV, 52

To this end they labored, with painstaking care, to make complicated scientific teachings understandable, and to preserve—safeguarding without divulging—the original sanctity of occult and mystical knowledge that their own initiated members and those of other esoteric fraternities had attained through ‘visual perception of the truth’ while ascending into the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and receiving the instruction of angels. Eloise Hart4

It was due to this kind of enticement by the Brotherhood represented at Basra that medieval Hermeticism infiltrated post-Byzantine Europe through the Alumbrados of Spain. The 16th century Roshaniya (‘Illumined Ones’) of Afghanistan claimed to be descendants of the men who helped Mohammed flee from Mecca and were associated with the ancient House of Wisdom in Cairo.5 The Ashishin, another Muslim secret society dating back at least as far as the 11th century, spoke of a House of Science in Cairo.6 These groups not only predate and have everything in common with Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati and modern Illuminism; they are based on the exact same principles, if not actually the origin of them.

As in the West, revolutionary societies arose from the bosom of the Freemasons, so in the East did the Assassins spring from the Ismaili sect. Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall7

The truth is that the cults in the East and West are one and the same. They have common origins, a common structure, common practices and common beliefs. The Kitab Sirr al-Asar was just a transcript of the now-lost Emerald Tablet of Egypt, referred to by Western Hermeticists as The Secret of Hermes or the Hermes Trismegistus (‘Thrice-Great Hermes’), an antediluvian tablet with inscriptions allegedly written by Osiris (a transliteration of Asar into Greek). It was translated (or forged) into Latin around 1140 AD as the Secretum Secretorum (‘Secret of Secrets’).8 The Secretum Secretorum was the basis of Hermeticism, alchemy and Freemasonry in the West, just as the Kitab Sirr al-Asar was in the Middle East. This Latin translation is the basis of most of the English versions now in existence, and Lucifer is the Latin name by which the Asar is now widely recognized.

In early 2006, a mass marketing campaign was launched to make “the secret” of Hermeticism readily available to anyone interested. The details are being kept a “secret” because the secret societies which have collaborated on this project are just conditioning us for the “True Light of the pure doctrine of Lucifer” without mentioning any names, especially that of Lucifer. The open hostility which is shown to “religious zealots” allegedly “rampaging,” bent on destroying the “civilized world,” bears all the vitriolic language of the David Icke and Jordan Maxwell school of disinformation. In spite of this obviously polemic rhetoric, the most revealing thing on The Secret’s website is that it is based on the Emerald Tablet.

The Emerald Tablet is perceived as one of the most important historical documents known to mankind and is thousands of years old. Throughout history the question has been posed: was it written by a man or by a god? Its author is ultimately unknown but is speculated to be the mythical Greco-Egyptian deity Hermes Trismegistus—inventor of alchemy and Hermetic philosophy. Since the ancient Egyptian times the Emerald Tablet has been translated by many of the world’s great thinkers including Sir Isaac Newton and has been revered by alchemists, scientists and philosophers. It discusses ideas of the interconnectedness and oneness of all things and also the nature of the universe and creation. The Emerald Tablet is sometimes viewed as a guide to assist humans in understanding their relationship to the universe. The original tablet was lost around the 4th century, having been concealed from religious zealots who were rampaging throughout the civilized world destroying artefacts. One theory holds that the tablet was buried in the sands of the Giza Plateau. The Secret9

This remarkably revealing advertising campaign mentions many prominent philosophers, physicists, financial strategists and experts in many other fields having to do with alchemy. It shows an extraordinary amount of respect for Rosicrucians, “a legendary and secret order that espoused many of the ideas of The Secret.” Also revered are supporters of “Pantheism, which included the idea of natural law and the universe being equivalent to, and inseparable from, the theological idea of God,” and “Transcendentalism, which places significance on the inner spiritual essence of man, on intuitive thought, on the unity of God and the world, and on the immanence of God in the world.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, the foremost of the Transcendentalists, is described as seeking “to empower humankind by making people aware of their true nature, as free and self-reliant individuals.”10

Satanism and Luciferianism are not about worshiping Baphomet or Beelzebub, or even our concept of Osiris; they are about pride, egoism and rebellion from God, as indicated in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28. “The secret,” simply put, is that Man is God and subject only to the natural laws of the universe which he himself is responsible for in the first place. With this realization you can achieve whatever you want, provided that your goals are egoistic, materialistic or mechanistic (that is, Satanic) in nature (i.e., fame, wealth, influence, etc.), basically because you are not subject to the laws of your conscience. In other words, by joining Lucifer in his rebellion—by rejecting God, godly institutions and morality, you can become your own god and one of the masters of humanity. The average person, on the other hand, cannot possibly fathom why Illuminists do the horrible things they do.



The Theosophical Society


Through the Masonic initiation and certain esoteric groups will come the process of initiation. In this coming age millions of people will take the first and second initiation through these transformed and purified institutions. Benjamin Creme11

Benjamin Creme is the most prominent Theosophist of our time and the founder of Share International, an organization which many Christians consider to be the Illuminists’ attempt to subvert Christianity under the New Age rule of the Antichrist. (This is, of course, a façade intended to dupe only the most foolish Third World Illuminists.) The initiations he is speaking of here are a reference to death, a kind of human sacrifice on the altar of Satanism.12 (The word ‘holocaust’ comes from the 3rd century Greek word holokaustos meaning “the burnt sacrificial offering of the [Satanic] Jews dedicated exclusively to God [Lucifer].”)13 The transformation and purification which Creme talks about are the total subversion and eventual annihilation of secret societies by the adepts of Luciferianism.

In The World At War, we covered how Albert Pike accomplished the subversion of the highest levels of Freemasonry. The Grand Constitutions of 1786 had put Freemasons of what was to be the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in each country under the authority of the councils of the 33rd degree. This is why Giuseppe Mazzini was the equal in Masonry of Albert Pike, even though he was a degree or two lower in the hierarchy of Luciferianism. The provisions of the Grand Constitutions were confirmed in Charleston on 31 May 1801.14

Pike, through his authority over Freemasonry in Charleston, and Weishaupt, through his authority over the Order of the Illuminati, established Luciferian councils at the Grand Orient lodges throughout Europe. These became the footholds of the totalitarian states now present in the West, as well as the means by which they infiltrated the other secret societies, such as the York Rite of Freemasonry. However, the doctrines of Luciferianism actually came from the ancient Middle East, and had already existed in European Judaism, Catholicism and Calvinism. In the 19th century, the Luciferian religion took on yet another name under the direction of Pike and his associates: Theosophy, which is also the basis of Anthroposophy.

The traceable influx of Eastern mysticism in the 18th century began with Weishaupt’s own library and the travels of his personal acquaintances, such as Johann Joachim Christoph Bode and Emanuel Swedenborg. It was furthered especially by the influential Polish count Jan Potocki. Hailing from the most prominent of all crypto-Jewish families in Poland, Potocki was educated in Geneva, became an Illuminist (through Cagliostro’s Egyptian Rite lodge in Warsaw), and founded his own reading society to advance Illuminism in Poland. He finished The Saragossa Manuscript (1815) just before shooting himself in the head with a silver bullet because he thought that he had become a werewolf.15

Inspired by Antoine Galland’s 1717 French translation of Arabian Nights, Potocki was fascinated by Eastern cultures, and was at one time appointed as an ambassador to China by Tsar Aleksander. However, the Chinese emperor turned him away at the Mongolian border, so he proceeded to wander around the Ashkenazi homelands of Asia, learning as much about Eastern esotericism as he could.16 The Saragossa Manuscript may have influenced literature and increased awareness of Illuminism in Europe, but Potocki’s importance to the Illuminists in Europe lies in the fact that he was one of the few Europeans to brave the trials of the East and return with stories about Shambhala and Agartha and other (to the Westerner) esoteric concepts. He essentially verified for the Order of the Illuminati the customs and beliefs that were Weishaupt’s catalyst for change (such as the teachings of the Roshaniya, which became highly influential to the Illuminati), and set the pattern for those whose spiritual connection with the East prompted them to venture there.

The initiatic journey to Islamic soil has been a repeated theme in European esotericism, ever since the Templars settled in Jerusalem and Christian Rosenkruz learnt his trade in Damascus. Joscelyn Godwin17

The beginnings of the conventional New Age Movement are credited to another such traveler, the spiritual medium Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Between the ages of 16 and 27, Blavatsky traveled around the world, spending 2 years in Tibet and supposedly reaching places no Westerner had ever been allowed. During this time, she claimed to have been contacted by the “Ascended Masters,” and the words which they channeled through her are the basis of the philosophy behind modern Illuminism. She founded the Spirit Society in 1871, but was accused of chicanery and moved to New York City, where she founded the Theosophical Society in 1875.18 Her most influential book is called The Secret Doctrine (1889), and it is still avidly read by the majority of Theosophists.

Blavatsky died in 1891 and leadership of the Theosophical Society fell to Annie Wood Besant, a Fabian socialist who had been converted to Theosophy after writing a review of The Secret Doctrine. Besant accused William Quan Judge (one of the society’s founders) of chicanery and led a separatist faction to Adyar, India.19, 20 Another schism followed in 1909. Rudolf Steiner split from Besant’s Adyar faction and founded the Anthroposophical Society in 1912, and this faction was the one more than any other which contributed to the birth of German National Socialism.21 Alice Ann Bailey also founded the Arcane School in 1923 as an offshoot of Theosophy.22

Other schisms further segregated the Theosophical Society in the early 20th century, proving Blavatsky’s notion that religions are corruptions of the ancient mysteries. Out of this climate, particularly due to Steiner’s strong influence in Germany and Austria, the völkisch movement of Central Europe combined occultism and nationalism to create several secret societies.23 The most important of these was the Thule Society founded by Rudolf von Sebottendorf in 1918. Sebottendorf used the Aryan idealism of Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine to create an atmosphere of anti-Semitism in Bavaria for the furtherance of the Illuminist agenda. Early members of the Thule Society included the Illuminists Rudolf Hess and Dietrich Eckart, and its members became the National Socialist German Workers Party. It is not an exaggeration to say that everything that Adolf Hitler accomplished was the result of his loyalty to the secret doctrine of his Luciferian initiation.

I shall have influenced history more than any other German. Follow Hitler! I have initiated him into the secret doctrine, opened his centers to vision and given him the means to communicate with the powers. Dietrich Eckart24



The Arcane School


The Arcane School founded by Alice Bailey has been the official school of Illuminism since 1923. Its headquarters are in New York, London and Geneva, and it operates solely by voluntary contribution.25 Its library of study materials covers a small range of topics directly related to Theosophy. It is essentially an international college intended to aid Illuminists in realizing their plan of global domination, a process officially known as “the externalization of the Hierarchy.” The vehicles for this plan are, according to their literature, “the Masonic Lodges, the Churches, and Education.”26

The knowledge, insight and wisdom, and capacity to wield spiritual energy resulting from work and training with the Arcane School should be expressed and applied in daily living service in helping to materialise the Plan of God and to aid in solving the problems of humanity. […] No charges are made by the School for its services. The work is financed through the Lucis Trust by the voluntary contributions of students and those interested in the work of the School and in the teaching. […] The purpose of the esoteric training given in the Arcane School is to help the student grow spiritually toward acceptance of discipleship responsibility and to serve the Plan by serving humanity. Esotericism is a practiced way of life. Lucis Trust27

The Lucis Trust, or the Lucis Publishing Companies, was originally called Lucifer’s Press or the Lucifer Trust, but changed its name to avoid controversy. It is a trust because it depends on donations “on the principle that spiritual truth must be freely given and shared because no material value can be placed on it, and because no one should be deprived or denied for lack of money.”28 It is a publisher because it was established to distribute two dozen books by Alice Bailey which are still the core of the Arcane School’s teachings and, in fact, of modern Illuminism in general. The Lucis Trust coordinates many activities and conferences for its members, with special attention being given to the Great Invocation, a prayer aimed at getting initiates to psychically accept and accomplish the externalization of the Hierarchy. Although the hidden agenda is radically different and antagonistic to those of the secret societies, the principle doctrines of the Lucis Trust are no different than those one would expect to find recited in any Masonic lodge, or even by the Vatican.

The Great Invocation is a world prayer, translated into almost 70 languages and dialects. It is an instrument of power to aid the Plan of God find full expression on Earth. To use it is an act of service to humanity and the Christ. It expresses certain central truths which all people innately and normally accept:

That there exists a basic intelligence to whom we give the name of God.

That there is a divine evolutionary Plan in the universe—the motivating power of which is love.

That a great individuality called by Christians the Christ—the World Teacher—came to Earth and embodied that love so that we could understand that love and intelligence are effects of the purpose, the will and the Plan of God. Many religions believe in a World Teacher, knowing him under such names as the Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, and the Messiah.

The truth that only through humanity itself can the divine Plan work out.

By means of invocation, prayer and meditation divine energies can be released and brought into activity. Men and women of goodwill of many faiths and nations can join together in service, bringing spiritual value and strength to a troubled world. Men and women have the power, through focused, united invocation, to affect world events. Knowledge of this fact, scientifically applied, can be one of the great liberating factors within humanity. Lucis Trust29

Share International and similar groups base their core teachings on Bailey’s notion that the World Teacher has reappeared to direct mankind to its destiny of the “Christ Consciousness.” (This idea has also found its way into Christianity through the Calvinist doctrines of post-apocalypticism and post-millennialism.) As this is such a blatant attempt by Luciferians to subvert the world’s major religions, it has found little support from them, but as it has not gained total acceptance, there is also little perceived cause for awareness among the adherents of those religions. Should the Illuminists use Share International or some other organization (probably all of them, but particularly the Roman Catholic Church and the Bahá’í World Faith) to the end of establishing the rule of the Antichrist, it would not be hard for the adherents of other religions to make the connections to Theosophy and the Arcane School.

Through worldwide lectures, ten books, and Share International magazine, Creme has been informing the public about the gradual emergence of a group of highly evolved individuals who are here to help guide humanity through the present economic, political, social and environmental crises. At the head of this group, says Creme, is Maitreya, the World Teacher, expected by various spiritual traditions under different names. Maitreya, Creme explains, does not come in response to any one group or to gather followers. He will speak for all people—religious and non-religious alike. Share International30

One must wonder not only who this World Teacher of theirs is, but also who the “highly evolved” Ascended Masters are as well, if not Lucifer and his horde of nefilim, or the self-appointed “Illuminati” who have created all the problems we are faced with on the international level in the first place. While Share International is only increasing awareness in such a way as to generate negative press, one need not look any further than the keynote of the 2006 Arcane School Conference to recognize the extent of the influence of Lucifer’s Publishing Company in the world today. “Under the Law of Synthesis, let the group master the worlds of illusion and glamour and negate the control of the maya.”31

By their own admission, the illusion of self-determinism (a principle fervently advocated at least as far back as the Roshaniya, and upon which the revolutions of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries were entirely based) only exists to enslave us further. While their ideology may seem noble or divine from the outside, in truth it is very, very wicked. In his book Lucifer’s Network, Michael Sunstar explains the Arcane School as the education aspect of the New Age Movement officially sanctioned and funded by David Rockefeller.

[Externalization of the Hierarchy by Alice Bailey] gives quite a few of the details of the plan, and is used as a textbook for New Agers at the Arcane Schools in NY, London, and Europe on how the New Age/One World Religion/One-World-Government will be brought in. On the Earthly level, humanity so to speak, [the name of] the Ruler is given on page 107 as Lucifer. On the Spiritual level called “Shamballa—the Holy City” the [name of the] coming ruler is given as “the Lord of the World” which we Christians know as Satan.

Lucis Trust knows it is Satan too, but for public consumption they say that the “ruler of the world” is Sanat (a scrambling of Satan) Kumara. They also predict there will be a Christ Consciousness and the Christ (actually the Anti-Christ). The book Externalization of the Hierarchy teaches repeatedly (see pages 511-512, 514) that the 3 vehicles to bring in the New Age will be the Masonic Lodges […] next the Churches […] and finally Education. Michael Sunstar32






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2 My point here is to show the roots of the European Hermetic tradition. The Kitab Sirr al-Asar is merely a corrupted attempt at replicating the ideas of the Emerald Tablet which had already been lost several centuries earlier. Wikipedia and many other sources claim the title of the Arabic script of the Secretum Secretorum is actually Kitab Sirr al-Asrar (though many still call it the Kitab Sirr al-Asar and there is no consensus). It seems the people who are replicating this corruption simply do not realize what they are doing. It is my strong contention that, if the original Arabic title was indeed al-Asrar, then it would have been either a deliberate corruption of the original al-Asar, or else a translation error due to the fact that someone was unable to make sense of it. The original would have been rendered an approximate and seemingly irrelevant literal meaning of ‘Book of the Secret of the Ten’ in Arabic. However, the letter s, when used in place of the pronunciations of many ancient languages, including the original Egyptian, is an unaspirate transliteration of the digraph sh in the Latin alphabet. The Asar form was no doubt influenced by the Greek adaptation of the word (Osiris) which changed the sh sound to an s spelling because the Greek alphabet could not accommodate it. In Mesopotamia, however, the sh tradition was not lost until the influence of Hellenic culture, evidenced by the ancient place names of Assyria and Aram being pronounced as variants of Ashur (which is always intoned exactly like Asar should be). It must be noted that the Secretum Secretorum may also just as easily have a literal meaning of ‘Secrets of the Secrets,’ and its title is therefore also a corruption of the ancient Hermetic script taken directly from the corrupted title in Arabic. This is the source of the various names given to the Secret of Hermes, which is the most concise English title in usage. Its true, literal and ancient title is Secrets of the Mind, and in the esoteric modern English idiom, either Secret of Lucifer or Secrets of Lucifer. Despite scholarly evidence to the contrary, this is a fact, and it is attested to by its absolutely authoritative importance in the Hermetic tradition, as well as by the unbroken continuity between Hermeticism and Luciferianism which is otherwise seemingly spontaneous and inexplicable. Wherever the ancient form of Luciferianism was preserved, the use of Asar as ‘mind’ is still in effect, despite its being a foreign word. This is particularly true of Mandaeism, the direct link between the most ancient and most modern forms of Luciferianism.

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