The Secrets of Lucifer





When I began my search for truth regarding the conspiratorial nature of history, I didn’t exactly know where to look. I already knew about William Cooper’s popular exposé Behold a Pale Horse, as well as some of the details of the conspiracy behind the walls of the Vatican written about by authors like Michael Baigent, but neither of these makes much sense without a larger context, and as soon as I investigated their writings, it was apparent that both of these authors have created a huge amount of disinformation which has served to aid the purpose of the conspirators. Nevertheless, whereas I found the conspiratorial point of view to be lacking in credible or genuine content, the accidentalist point of view still made no sense whatsoever, and I was sick of the lies, so I sifted through their material anyway to see what they could offer, and reluctantly applied my truth filter to everything I read.

Cooper made an impression because of what I considered to be his sincerity. He claims that the Brotherhood of the Snake is oldest secret society in existence, and says that the Brotherhood is a generic name for the secret societies patterned after the Society of Ormus, a society allegedly founded by a 1st century convert to Christianity named Ormesius, who is said to have merged the mystery religion of Egypt with Christianity. The Society of Ormus is then equated with the Rosicrucian Order, and therefore with modern Illuminism. This is not true, however, and, in fact, for this very reason my first book (The End of Learning) sets out to prove that the mystery religion of ancient Egypt and the one which became Christianity were already indistinguishable long before Christ. I have been satisfied with the results, which should overturn the supposed history of the Society of Ormus—a disinformation legacy which, incidentally, is actually widely accepted among Luciferians.

Either the author of Behold a Pale Horse was a liar, or he himself was deceived by the information he came into contact with. Considering the aims and methods employed by other disinformationists, as well as the fact that he claims to know the identity of the Antichrist of Christian eschatology, yet purposely hides it from his readers, I don’t see how it could be that he was simply mistaken about some things. Cooper’s goal, it seems, and the goal of many other liars and charlatans, is to combine the esoteric doctrines of the Rosicrucians and the early Christians in order to present the Christian masses with the lie that Biblical Christianity is a religion based on its antithetical ideology of Luciferianism. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that even the earliest conspiracist authors were recruited, or at least manipulated and coopted by the New World Order.

These ideas have been fabricated to divert us from the real history of Luciferianism and to undermine and ultimately destroy not only the institutions, but also the very ideas and ideology of Christianity. I have not been able to conceive another way for the Luciferians to equate Lucifer with Jesus Christ and actually expect Christians to believe it—which they will, according to the Bible—and to date, there haven’t been many things which the Luciferians have run by the Christians which they haven’t whole-heartedly accepted. People tend to believe any half-truth which they are told by the establishment, but will reject anything which is an outright truth or an outright lie, and the differences between Luciferianism and the truth are so subtle that only an avid student of ancient scriptures could ever make a distinction.

Even now, the Catholic Church is priming the masses for a revelation about the true history of Christianity. The Pope has only just professed that the Church’s calendar is based on an error, and that Jesus was actually born several years earlier than previously supposed. This may not be a big deal to everyone who already knew that, but the fact that the Pope is flatly admitting the Church’s fallibility is a huge step in the process of undermining its own authority. Meanwhile, the College of Cardinals has just expanded, in order to balance out the votes and swing the next election in favor of a candidate from the Third World. This is undoubtedly aimed at fulfilling the Prophecy of the Popes, with the accession of Petrus Romanus. Cardinal Turkson made the press last year (2011) when, as President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, he called for a “global public authority” and a “central world bank,” essentially blaming the masses for the current economic crisis. Much more could be said, but the key issue here is that the Vatican has been planning on using its own authority to reform the Church according to its ancient Luciferian agenda, just as the Soviet Union was turned into the Russian Federation, as described in The World At War. The big revelation will most likely have something to do with the extraterrestrial origins of our civilization, via the disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth.

The easiest way to identify disinformationists among the “conspiracy theorists” crowd is by recognizing whether they encourage discussion of the Vatican’s role behind the scenes of the national governments, or whether they are supporting the “Ancient Aliens” agenda. To this day, I am still unsure whether Cooper was a disinformationist or not, but it would not seem so, based on the fact that he was quick to point out that Alex Jones and Jordan Maxwell are shills. Furthermore, it is self-apparent that David Icke is furthering the same New Age agenda for a different audience than Jones and Maxwell. By default, due to the impact which these men have had everyone else who is even worth mentioning in this context, everyone else who is part of the “Truth Movement” genre ought to be indicted when we consider sources of information, ranging from anyone who gives any credence to films like Zeitgeist, The DaVinci Code and The Matrix, or to organizations like Occupy and Anonymous, or to the “Ron Paul Revolution” and Tea Party Republicans.

Obvious exceptions include the elusive Jack Chick and his Chick Publications, John Todd, whose views have been largely disseminated by Chick Publications, Eric John Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, and Fritz Springmeier, author of Bloodlines of the Illuminati. Todd and Phelps do not represent any kind of threat to the NWO, both because their information is skewed by their religious indoctrination, and because they make conspiracy theorists look bad, due to their poor presentation and association with Christian Identity and neo-fascist groups. Springmeier’s conclusions are entirely bunk, and it’s a wonder how he ever managed to gain a following, but like Phelps, his existence is more than merely tolerated by the establishment, especially considering that he just served 9 years in prison for robbing a bank. His Christian Patriot Association was shut down by the US Department of Justice shortly after the act which got him his felony conviction. With these and a few other minor exceptions, all have been created and are managed by the very same people and organizations which manage the governments and corporations which they supposedly aim to expose, even if the management is only in terms of ideological views and transmission of data. Since the original publication of this book, other frauds such as Benjamin Fulford and Leo Zagami have emerged, actually claiming association with the Illuminati in order to get people to listen.

Cooper knew all about the concept of controlled opposition, and made no attempt to hide it. His secret societies are the network of global elites which we have called by various names in The World At War. They are the Masons, Illuminati, Zionists and Kabbalists. They are the Knights Templar and Hospitaller, the Hermeticists, Rosicrucians, Pantheists, Deists and Theists, and the Transcendentalists, Theosophists and Anthroposophists. They are the ones who worship Hermes, or Molekh, or Osiris, or Lucifer, and give him names like Baphomet and the Great Owl of Bohemia to hide their true allegiance. They are the world leaders whose primary concern is the establishment of the Luciferian religion over the world’s population. The Bible calls them the Synagogue (or Congregation/Assembly) of Satan.

The hidden power behind the world’s political, financial and ecumenical institutions is also much older than almost anyone is willing to admit. Today we find it hiding behind the Catharism of Michael Baigent and his fictitious Priory of Sion. Here, too, we find the name of Jesus inserted in place of Satan to give credibility to the Merovingians and also to produce doubts concerning the traditional teachings of Christianity. The result is not just a misinterpretation of historical events; it is a completely fabricated source of disinformation regarding the Satanic bloodline which found its way into the human consciousness under that name with Johann Joachim Christoph Bode’s imaginative 18th century account designed to accredit Illuminism among Freemasons. Bode never intended to dupe Christians, Atheists and Agnostics; these have simply and unwittingly jumped on the bandwagon of 18th century Illuminist propaganda.

Cooper stands alone among the people mentioned here in that the others have deliberately steered away from discussion of the most important topics driving the modern trends in technology and geopolitics (namely, the UFO phenomenon, and secretive government projects and coverups related to the same). There are several shortcomings in Cooper’s world view, however. The most obvious of these is that Protestant Christianity itself (the paradigm, as opposed to the churches which bear the name, and which he was staunchly opposed to) is simply an outgrowth of Roman Catholicism, which itself is much older than anyone cares to admit. If Cooper had really known the identity of the Antichrist, then he wouldn’t have been preaching Christianity in the name of Jesus, unless he was in on the conspiracy. I hardly think this is sufficient to label him a disinformationist, however, as the whole world has been so deceived.

Another issue is that, had Ormus (whose name is actually just a corruption of Horus with the same meaning) or any other 1st century mystic actually been the founder of this ancient cabal, the Rosicrucian Order would have a plausible excuse for inventing the idea that they have anything at all to do with Christianity other than being an affront to it. Instead, they are hard pressed to provide the world with answers to questions such as why they have hidden the writings of Manetho from the public (while simultaneously blaming Christians for the deed!), and why an individual such as Pythagoras would have been recorded as performing one of their initiation rites a full 600 years before the alleged founding of the sect. If the ancient Egyptian priests were truly the keepers of the hidden mysteries (which they were), then is it not possible that the rites have not only been patterned after Osiris, but also laid down by him? Without this realization, there is nothing to associate the long history of the subversive secret societies with anything pertaining to extraterrestrials, and the “Ancient Aliens” disinformationists have a monopoly on interpreting whatever is put out there.

I have found that the majority of conspiracists are looking for something other than the run-of-the-mill conspiracy theories which tie them all together in a way which is easy to understand, and this is exactly why Cooper’s legacy is such that he remains the only visible pundit of the NWO resistance front who appears to have been assassinated by the establishment. (Some would make an exception for Rik Clay, who disappeared in 2008. My good friend, who called himself Bill, as in ‘Bill’ Cooper, was similarly killed in 2006, just a few weeks after informing me of the circumstances of Cooper’s death.) Unfortunately, with the Internet being the only practical means, and with disinformation constituting at least 90% of what is available, no one knows where to look in order to even begin to chip away at the centuries of indoctrination of the false paradigm. By this false paradigm, I mean to say the disinformation itself, not the “sleeping” masses which the many who are deceived think they are no longer a part of, though it could hardly be any more obvious to those of us who know better that their minds are even more hopelessly enslaved.

The broad view was presented, more or less, by William Guy Carr, so Satan, Prince of This World is what I latched onto for The World At War. The knowledge presented in that book is about as far as most people could expect to further their understanding of the New World Order via the usual channels of disinformation. However, it will not do much to explain the meanings of the symbols (both aesthetic and metaphorical) and schemes which the Illuminati use advance their agenda in the spiritual sense, which is all that really matters. To this end, I have attempted to provide a cursory overview of the nature of the conflict between “good” and “evil” which has not been adequately documented anywhere, to my knowledge, since the compilation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. There have clearly been many developments since then (at least on the side of the opposing ideology), and the Bible, while authoritative, hardly ever focuses its content outside of Palestine. As we will see, this invites the idea that Jesus Christ was just one emanation of Lucifer, and unless you look carefully, you may not even realize that when the Illuminists speak of “the Christ” they never refer to him by his common name of Jesus (which Cooper does), or by any other derivative of the Hebrew Yahushua or Yahshuah (which is rendered ‘Joshua’ in English). Yahshuah’s own disciple John warned us of this five times in his epistles, but the Illuminists are well aware of the inherent flaws in human nature and have been refining their subversive techniques for millennia.

Nowhere is the brilliance of the Jesuits more inviting than the utter subversion of Christianity through Satanic Jews like Ignatius de Loyola and John Calvin who have continuously managed both sides of the Hegelian conflict between the Christian sects. The problem is not a lack of information; the problem is that few dare to challenge their externally imposed beliefs enough to look at it and see it for what it is. Even conspiracy-conscious groups which profess the kind of objectivity necessary to see past all the myriad traps are guilty of the same faults, and my interactions with them have left me thinking that there is no way to reach them at all—not even by referencing their own materials. For most, it is the trust they place in their controlled sources of subversion, due to their apathy or failure to recognize them or act accordingly, which are the cause for their error and ignorance. For others like the Cassiopaeans, it is the almost Solomonic pride and notion of infallibility which result from a general policy of sifting through the lies and gaining some comprehension of spiritual truths which are to blame. Once you have reached a higher state of awareness than the mob, it needs to be remembered that you are not at the epitome of consciousness. Surely this is where the Illuminati themselves have ultimately erred.

There are, however, independent writers and speakers whose thirst for the truth allows them to transcend the Hegelian dialectic. More often than not, the fault is that they do not check their sources well enough to realize that they too are contributing to the grand scheme. Writers who make an honest attempt usually dwindle off into theories about the extraterrestrial origins of the nefilim and their tampering with human DNA. While this is exactly where they should be headed, it is unfortunately done in such a way as to stifle true understanding by substituting ignorance and religious superstition for any kind of reasonable and thorough analysis. Those who do manage to put the piece together without either the Ancient Aliens or fundamentalist Christian Rapture cult bias usually present their findings alongside their overtly New Age views on spirituality, or even, as Alex Collier does, claim the information was imparted by aliens who have taken them aboard their spacecraft, or that it was channeled. This encourages the mental block of the masses against conspiracy theories in general (as opposed to the conspiratorial interpretation of the facts) and does little to add to our base of knowledge, while dramatically advancing the Luciferian ideology through its Intelligent Design Theory, the scientific answer (synthesis) to the rather antiquated and debunked paradigm of biological evolutionism, both of which are intended to discredit the creationism of Christians and Muslims by replacing God with ETs, or with Lucifer. Despite the sheer lunacy of most naturalists, evolutionism was created by a tiny group of verifiably practicing Satanists with the intention of leading us into Luciferianism. Note that the diagnosis of “lunacy” was first given not by me, but by the very same evolutionists who adopted the name ‘Lunar Society’ as a cynical play on words.

Hollywood prepares us for the “Ancient Aliens” revelation via films like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Prometheus. At the same time, the Illuminists in control of the Roman Catholic Church have been preparing Christians to accept their own false mosheh as the initiator of the human species, as well as the one controlling the progress of its evolution. This has been going on since the mid-‘90s, and Hollywood has been doing its part since the early ‘80s. Meanwhile, Protestants, while recognizing that we are in the “last days,” are being manipulated beyond their capacity to understand by a tightly controlled network of Zionists commonly referred to as the Christian right or the Christian fundamentalism movement in America (which I call the Rapture cult).

As of 2012, I have covered all angles of the managed paradigm shift in my various books, except for the Vatican angle, which I will be saving for last. The World At War: The Internationalist Synthesis and the Causes of Conflict is intended to be an explanation of the conspiratorial view of history—that is, an introductory overview of the internationalist conspiracy itself and nothing more. I have listed as many sources as possible within the spatial limitations of that volume so that my research can be verified independently. My intentions with this volume are the same, except that I have paid more attention to the details, and have also chosen not to refrain from using a Biblical interpretation at the expense of upsetting a few readers. I have determined that this is necessary, as the Bible is the only ancient source document whose general theme is the revelation of the Luciferian conspiracy. There are, of course, certain texts which were written contemporaneously with the New Testament, but most of those which have survived are used to advance the subjective viewpoint of the opposing ideology, and it would require a great deal of reinterpretation to overcome the preconceived notions surrounding them. If you are interested in pursuing this line of thought, you will want to read The End of Learning: Logic and the Means of Knowledge.

My interpretation should not be confused with religious sympathies. Like Cooper, it has always been my contention that the exoteric religions which claim the Bible as a foundation lie and deliberately pervert its historical and spiritual truths to suit their own antithetical agendas. Therefore, the reader has no cause to consider an exposition of the Luciferian conspiracy and the Satanic bloodlines as a “Christian” ideology rather than an objective historical one. This is merely an attempt to aid the reader to understanding the history and ideology of Luciferianism from the antithetical but still true point of view so that a synthesis can be achieved.

But who or what is Lucifer? How did Luciferianism and Satanism originate, and how have they become associated? How did their association become the established cult of the New World Order, and how did this cult become the masters of the world’s economic, political and religious institutions? These are the specific questions I have attempted to answer in this book.

Due to the failure of many generations of scholars to recognize or perhaps admit the veracity of the overall picture of the Luciferian conspiracy, the original meanings of many of the words in question have been lost. It is necessary to understand and apply their true and concise meanings in order to understand what the ancients believed and why they acted the way they did, otherwise history becomes, to the observer, a complex and catastrophic series of meaningless events (hence the false paradigm of catastrophism or accidentalism). Rather than an indoctrinated linguist, this takes a philosopher who is willing to accept that the ancient religions are not just superstitious cults, but actually intellectual movements with a common underlying theme, and no serious student of the ancient religions can plausibly deny that the separate entities in any given pantheon are just manifestations of a single force. This is especially true of the pantheons in question, as there is a stark difference between the creation accounts based on the Egyptian and Vedic models of emanations of thought, and the more catastrophic or violent, superstitious explanations found elsewhere. Unless otherwise noted, the word translations are my own. Some may consider this capricious, but it is actually the only way to be concise. The ancients were no more superstitious and no less intelligent than modern man, and the fact that the evidence is used to suggest this because of false interpretations suggests the opposite. For if we, as a species, have not progressed from a less perfect state to a more perfect state, then the Luciferian ideology is demonstrably false.

Apart from Carr, my main source in The World At War was Wikipedia. I am confident that I have established beyond a reasonable doubt in The World At War that regardless of the details there is, in fact, a worldwide Luciferian conspiracy being orchestrated by practicing Satanists. Anything written in the spirit of a viewpoint subjective or ignorant enough to deny this obvious truth may be summarily dismissed as an obstacle to understanding. As a disclaimer, I must warn the members of any Bible-based religion that some of the information could very well be shocking, as the Satanists and Luciferians have the monopoly on all truth in this world—even the truths of the Bible. Indeed, it is precisely this monopoly which has led and will continue to lead to the great apostasy of these faiths.


Paul R. Miller, 2 Dec 2012