The Secretive Societies

Chapter 3: The Open Societies






Every Republican candidate for president since 1936 has been nominated by the Chase National Bank. Robert A. Taft25

The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson. Franklin Delano Roosevelt26

Ignorant low-level initiates of secretive societies are content to believe that their orders are merely fraternities whose primary purpose is socialization or charitable cause, while paranoid conspiracy theorists are content to gather as much information about the various groups as they can in their attempts to pretend like they are trying to somehow thwart their schemes, or to compile an understanding of the bigger picture without the aid of a holistic or spiritual interpretation. The underlying nature of the internationalist conspiracy is right in the middle of these antithetical points of view, and the tangible power of the New World Order cannot be measured in troop numbers or political offices, etc.; it can only be measured in currency.

Power—the goal of the New World Order, and really of all ambitions—is the capacity to bend others to one’s will. It is measured in numbers and represented by things like labor, choice of selection, and the absence of resistance to dictation. The New World Order are an economic institution, and their power is absolute. Money is what makes the world turn—not politics, not socialization, not force of arms, but money.

Wages and salaries derived from the central banks of the NWO’s international financial syndicate (which consists primarily of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization) are what enslave individuals and allow them to be conquered wholesale. Even those who fight their enslavement by whatever means are available to them do so without achieving any form of progress because the system as a whole is perpetuated by every greedy individual who fights for scraps from the NWO’s table. Despite all the disinformation and paranoia which elevate secretive societies to their theoretical world-subjugating status, the real societies which rule the world are completely open and in-your-face institutions like Coca-Cola, Monsanto or General Motors—organizations which we refer to as “corporations.”

Group secrecy exists for the purpose of privation. Privation, or deprivation, is defined as “an act or instance of depriving; the state of being deprived, especially: lack of what is needed for existence.”27 Secretive societies are all by definition privative, and this is especially true of financial institutions, the express purpose of which is to deprive people of their wealth and produce, but for practical purposes the term ‘secret societies’ is used here to denote those fraternal orders which have created the subjugating economic power of the NWO.

The word ‘fraternity’ signifies brotherhood, and by extension, to some degree or another, the fraternities are extensions of the Brotherhood discussed in The Secrets of Lucifer (though they would actually claim to be extensions of the Pythagorean Brotherhood—hence “Greek” fraternities, rather than Frankish, Persian or Arab). In most cases, the corporations which have conquered the world, and in all cases the banking institutions which have enabled them, started out as family enterprises. As we have seen in The Secrets of Lucifer, the bond of brotherhood has been extended to common members of individual fraternal orders, and has effected a worldwide enterprise unrecognizable as but indistinguishable from normal family ties. The fraternity of the Illuminati is the universal Brotherhood of Man, or at least how they perceive and want it to be.

It is easy, though extremely laborious, to trace the paper trail of the NWO’s agents to individual financial institutions and corporations. Fortunately for the Illuminati, this is a waste of time, and we have been kept too busy with our attempts to procure their bits of wealth (which they only possess because they have stolen it from the masses) to actually make the necessary effort. Few people even take the time to read anything which is non-fiction unless it is a hobby or serves the purpose of acquiring a degree in education intended to enable them to attain a higher salary. (Newspapers and magazines do not count because the headlines and editorials are categorically fiction).28

The primary method of distributing government funds to the Illuminist directors of the NWO corporations is war profiteering. When governments in First World countries go to war with governments of Third World countries in order to annex them to the New World Order, they offer astronomical-sum contracts for the pre-war production of materiel and the post-war reconstruction of the vanquished nation which are funded by a federal income tax and businesses taxes. More often than not, these contracts are illegally brokered long before the public had any idea that the war was even going to take place. In the United States, government contracts are supposed to be bid on and awarded to the corporation which gives the government the best offer, but in reality the most lucrative contracts are secretly offered to one corporation or another based on that corporation’s lobbying power within the government. The government itself is the product of lobby interests, and executive policies are determined almost exclusively according to the interests of corporations whose employees and directors hold cabinet-level positions in the government, and who therefore have a clear conflict of interests. Exceptions are made especially for secret and war-related projects, as the reason for the contract is the profit of the corporation (that is, the accumulation of power, as opposed to the ideological pretext for which the war was ostensibly started).

This policy is the cause for the rampant corruption of Western governments. It is known that politicians take kickbacks from the corporations to which the contracts are offered, but in most cases it is the corporation itself which planted the politician in office and financed his election. Candidates are chosen from a list of members of only one or two corporations (as of 2007 the RAND Corporation wielded absolute executive power in America; as of 2012, Monsanto) but the boards of directors of the major Illuminati corporations have cross-membership. This allows the individual members to take salaries from enormously lucrative institutions without doing any work. This is called political arbitrage. In fact, given that the American government (which has set the precedent for other nations) has already been coopted for several generations, it is actually the military-industrial complex (i.e., the real power behind the government) which has subverted those corporations, rather than vice-versa.

The corporations which have profited most from America’s recent invasions and the politicians who have sponsored them have received heavy criticism for their arbitrage. Unbeknownst to the partisan media influences, the paper trail ultimately and predictably leads back to the Rockefeller Corporation and the Carnegie Corporation, but there are also less predictable institutions which preside over the flow of mega-profits through public funds. These include Freedom House, Bechtel, Enron and Halliburton, to name a few. The latter two have received the bulk of the negative press, along with Monsanto, but only Enron’s criticism has been substantial enough to effect any change in the company, and this only happened after the company’s senior executives illegally profited from the company’s downfall after it had already been engineered at the expense of the stockholders. This incident shows how the public only gets offended at issues such as insider trading and conflicts of interest between government officials and the corporations which supplanted them (i.e., that the public does not care to address the real social injustice, which is its own subjugation).

In other words, people are content to live in a perpetual state of enslavement and self-delusion, but only as long as they are able to leech off the system which enslaves them. It is expected that the government will illegally take a certain percentage of a person’s income (taxes), but when the people the government is financing unexpectedly allocate more or less than the established amount (e.g., a 1% tax increase, or a slightly higher interest rate on their mortgage or credit card), the public becomes furious. This could only logically happen in a society which is utterly clueless as a whole. For example, citizens concerned about the fact that Skull and Bones member John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil was usurping absolute power in the United States were not concerned about the fact that the government’s response of breaking up his trust actually gave him a larger percentage of the company’s profits.29

Corporations buy up smaller businesses in order to eliminate competition and standardize their products, effectively driving production costs down and sales up. This natural tendency could not possibly be avoided within the system of capitalism, but its long-term effect is the distribution of power into fewer and fewer hands, or globalization. Corporations are even more powerful under socialist governments because they are state-run and have no competition.30 The underlying reasons for the progress of internationalism are the system of capitalism and its antithesis of socialism, because the economic system is what establishes the currency.





The purpose of any committee is to make policy. The hidden hand of the Illuminati rules the world through visible corporations and central banks, but it is through committees that they develop their policies and apply them to world affairs. Whether the policies come from behind the closed doors of a Masonic lodge or from behind the closed doors of a Bilderberg meeting is only as relevant as the public’s acceptance of the proceedings of one secretive society over another.

It used to be that lodges were needed to maintain secrecy. Now that the world has generally accepting the NWO’s pogroms, the secrecy is only needed to the extent that the public would be appalled by the knowledge of the continual disregard for its opinions regarding its governance. Nevertheless, the public has accepted the system which provides its leaders, despite their agenda. By default, the Illuminati’s ostensibly respectable institutions which produce them (the committees dictating the policies of financial institutions and political entities) have become acceptable as well. These committees are called lobby groups or “special-interest groups” to downplay the significance of the fact that they run the government, as though they merely influence legislative and executive opinions rather than create them.

Many researchers rightly point to institutions such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Relations in America as being the groups (with cross-membership, of course) which determine world policy. However, this knowledge does very little to address the real issue of the nature of power in politics. It fundamentally assumes that the politicians chosen from out of these groups (and it is everyone of any significance in international affairs, including all viable presidential candidates) actually run the country. The men who run the United States and the world administratively are bankers who are too busy doing their business of pulling strings and living lavishly in private to be concerned with things as trivial as politics, which is a misnomer anyway, as policy is not actually determined by politics or politicians. However, as this formula depends upon trust, within the internationalist system proven, allegiance to the policy-makers is tantamount to promotion within the system, and without exception, ranking members of the Illuminati who are not born into their positions get there by “merit” (which is not really merit, but loyalty).

It is true that the RAND Corporation (which is actually a think tank, not a conventional business) produces the necessary agents of the New World Order in America, but there are several distinct groups which determine the policy to be carried out, and which are comprised of senior Illuminati members.31 The most notable of these are the Scowcroft Group and the Carlyle Group. Conspiracists also often focus their attention to the Committee of 300 or the Club of Rome, not without adequate reason.32 Other internationalist institutions with a remarkably visible power base are the Committee for the Free World and the Project for a New American Century.33 The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) is perhaps the least coy about its policy of subversion and conquest; the fundamental propositions of the committee are that “American leadership is good both for America and for the world,” that “too few political leaders today are making the case for global leadership,” and that “such leadership requires military strength, diplomatic energy and commitment to moral principle.”34

Carlyle’s portfolio is an accurate representative sample of the order of preference in the vested business interests of the Illuminati in America and Europe, beginning with enormous defense contracts and extending into areas of commerce such as energy, healthcare, industry and telecommunications. Notable politicians such as James Baker, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush and John Major, among others, have all served as Carlyle advisors or board members, not to mention notable business associates such as billionaire George Soros.35 Carlyle’s worldwide interests have also enlisted presidents and prime ministers of several Asian countries. Even the Binladen Group was managed by the Carlyle Group until after their association with a certain member of the Saudi family generated negative press for the American and Saudi governments.36

Other committees comprised of Illuminati members also wield unfathomable influence over international affairs. Scowcroft Group founder Brent Scowcroft has been quoted in The Washington Post as saying, “We believe we are creating the beginning of a new world order coming out the collapse of the US-Soviet antagonisms.”37 Scowcroft members have comprised the faction of the Bush Administration not directly affiliated with the Carlyle Group, including Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice (in other words, the trans-racial, or “second-class citizen” element).38 Both groups share membership with RAND, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, all Illuminati front organizations.39, 40

Senator Barry Goldwater summarizes the purpose for the existence of the Trilateral Commission in his 1964 book With No Apologies by saying, “The Trilateral Commission is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical. What the Trilateral Commission intends is to create a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nationstates involved. As managers and creators of the system, they will rule the future.”41 It was Trilateral Commission member Gary Hart who publicly announced that the committee’s purpose for demolishing the World Trade Center towers in 2001 was the emergence of the New World Order.42



Think Tanks


There is virtually no difference between a committee and a foundation or institute. Foundations are ostensibly private entities, even though they are often publicly funded. Institutes are most often populated by researchers, whereas committees are comprised of individuals representing larger groups—ranking Illuminati members who make policy decisions based on the research provided by the institutes. Corporations with government contracts (i.e., those engaged in political arbitrage, such as RAND and Bechtel) fall into both categories. Foundations serve as the outlet for corporations to channel money into their senior executives’ bank accounts and into subversive programs created by them without being subject to taxation. This is the primary method which the Illuminati have been using since the 1950s to make themselves rich and powerful, while the average citizen is forced to work and pay a tax on his income.

Each of the most prominent Illuminati businessmen has at least one foundation of his own. Most are philanthropic or take the form of research institutes called “think tanks.”43 The majority of the money laundering of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds takes place in the Illuminati centers of Geneva, Paris and New York, but Israel is also a major point of dispersion for Zionist outfits. According to Rene Wormser (Chief Counsel for the Reece Committee, the US House of Representatives’ special committee to investigate tax-exempt foundations), in his book Foundations, Their Power and Influence, think tanks exist to promote internationalism.

Foundation activity has nowhere had a greater impact than in the field of foreign affairs. It has conquered public opinion and has largely established the international-political goals of our country. Rene Wormser44

The policy-making power which the Illuminati wield through their many tax-exempt organizations is far-reaching and total. As it is control that the Illuminati seek, not just wealth, the money which they channel into their foundations is money well spent. Wormser found that the money was going to the United Nations Association, the National Education Association, the Institute of Pacific Relations and the Council on Foreign Relations in particular.

The far-reaching power of the large foundations and of the interlock, has so influenced the press, the radio, and even the government that it has become extremely difficult for objective criticism of foundation practices to get into news channels without having first been distorted, slanted, discredited and at times ridiculed. Rene Wormser45

That was 1954. Almost none of the foundations had even existed ten years earlier.

Foundations get their money from the Philanthropy Roundtable, a relatively new advisory board created by the Bradley Foundation to control the distribution of grants. Due to the Philanthropy Roundtable’s enormous influence, nearly every charitable organization has to operate through it, and cannot even exist without its permission. As of May 2001, there were 600 institutional and individual donors, and this number has been growing.46 The group’s description of their self-appointed social responsibilities sounds like other Illuminist propaganda since the time of Andrew Carnegie, and they even use the inflammatory term ‘moral superiority’ and other Illuminist terms to discredit their own puppet governments in favor of private capital.

The Roundtable is adding its voice to the growing number of new right grantees aggressively articulating the virtues of a philanthropic paternalism that would in effect place the poor under the direct moral guidance of the rich, or those who have presumably demonstrated their moral superiority through hard work, self-reliance and personal responsibility. Growing concern over declining “social capital” is used to buttress conservative claims that government expansion stifles the philanthropic impulse and that private philanthropy, not government, is the proper and most effective vehicle for responding to social needs, encouraging civic responsibility and restoring social trust. National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy47

Foundations belonging to the Philanthropy Roundtable include the JM Foundation, the Philip M. McKenna Foundation, the Earhart Foundation, the Smith Richardson Foundation, the Castle Rock Foundation and the Koch Family Foundations. The most important among them are those operated specifically by Illuminists and which quite often even fund opposing ideologies (when they are actually supposed to be non-partisan in order to be tax-exempt). These are the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, the John M. Olin Foundation, the Scaife Foundations, the Allegheny Foundation, the Carthage Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. These are the primary organizations which the Illuminati use to distribute their tax-exempt funds into their pocketbooks, and into their subversive internationalist programs.

The Philanthropy Roundtable funds the New Citizen Project, which is the sponsor for the Project for the New American Century, the policy group most easily identified as promoting a globalization agenda with the United States of America at the helm. The PNAC not only engineered the 2003 Anglo-American invasion of Iraq (and the complete unfolding script for World War Three), but also went so far as to recommend that the United States eliminate its borders by the year 2010 for the establishment of a proposed North American Union, akin to the vision of George Orwell’s 1984. During the Bush Administration, members of this board comprised the most important Illuminati members in American government (Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz). The group was founded and is run by William Kristol, son of Irving Kristol, one of the most senior Jewish members of the Order of the Illuminati.48

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is arguably the most important of the many Illuminati think tanks and has produced many of those among their chief policy makers who were not born into their positions, including such notable figures as Winston Lord and Henry Kissinger. It is involved in “anthropology, economics, organisational behavior, political science, psychoanalysis, psychology and sociology” and describes itself as self-financed, with no subsidies from the government or other sources.49 (Clearly the money has to come from somewhere. John Coleman has claimed that the institute controls $6 billion a year through foundations, at the expense of American taxpayers.)50 While this is by no means an inaccurate description, a more concise term for Tavistock’s activities is ‘mind control.’ For example, Tavistock’s principle policy agency, the Institute for Policy Studies, was set up by Illuminati chief James Paul Warburg to promote and study lysergic acid (LSD), which had been created in a Swiss laboratory owned by his own S.G. Warburg Co. of London, and to help create the counter-culture of the 1960s through LSD propagandists like the Beatles.51

Some researchers believe that all other Illuminati think tanks are somehow affiliated with or incorporated under the umbrella of Tavistock’s influence. The most influential of those controlled directly by Tavistock (besides the Institute for Policy Studies) are the National Training Laboratories (Tavistock’s original American branch), RAND, the Brookings Institution, the Hoover Institution, the Hudson Institute, the Gerald R. Ford Foundation, the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships and Freedom House. RAND is much more than a think tank, and perhaps the most powerful corporation in the world when political arbitrage is taken into consideration. Its clients include AT&T, Chase, IBM, the National Science Foundation, the Republican Party, the US Air Force, the US Department of Health and the US Department of Energy.52

Other less important Illuminati-run institutions include the European Union Institute for Security Studies, the National Institute for Public Policy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, the Forum for International Policy, the Discovery Institute, the Manhattan Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, the Institute for Social Research, the Free Congress Foundation, the Eagle Forum, FreedomWorks, the Leadership Institute, the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Christian Coalition and the controversial Frankfurt School (the first veritable Illuminati think tank). The heavily-funded Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs is apparently exclusively for ranking Illuminati members whose mission it is to further the Zionist agenda.53 The RAND policy makers within the US government preside over the research of all notable institutes through its National Research Council and National Academy of Sciences. Internationally, the same measure of control is maintained by the International Council for Science and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.






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