The Secretive Societies

Chapter 5: The Christian Societies





I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest. Revelation 6:2 NIV



Ancient Cults


The Christian religion is unique in that there are thousands of cults based upon its central teachings which cannot reasonably be associated with the religion or original teachings themselves. Of these, the most prominent ones which are loosely associated with Christianity are actually Masonic institutions. Few people are actually aware of this, as they are constantly bombarded with misinformation about the cults from biased sources. This is especially true of the most recent Judaic cults whose members have suffered ridicule, and even state-sponsored murder in some cases, merely for telling the truth about the internationalist conspiracy.

‘Cult’ is defined as a system of religious beliefs and ritual, or its body of adherents.81 It is true that each religion and each sect (and, in fact, each chapter or rite) of Freemasonry is a cult, but the word is employed almost exclusively as a pejorative term in order to denounce the sect’s belief system or religious practices, because most cults naturally conflict with the world view of the majority. It is usually safe to say that any particular cult, if not referred to as a religion or religious sect instead, is the target of at least one disinformation campaign at any given time. Due in part to suppression elsewhere and in part to the rise of New Age doctrines in the 20th century, most cults are local to the United States, and outside of America, most are euphemistically referred to as religions. The choice between the word ‘religion’ and the word ‘cult’ is practically always determined by the intent of the person speaking, rather than an attempt to be concise.

Cults are as old as the world itself, and the earliest religions are better described as types of cults (fertility cult, goddess cult, Pharaoh cult, etc.). In very ancient cases, entire societies, nations and cultures can be summarized by what is known about their religious beliefs and practices. (The Greek suffix -cracy applied to types of government technically means ‘cult’ or ‘society.’) When the group becomes larger and details of the paradigm are spread across other cultures (and especially into other religious systems, forming doctrines and dogma), then we can see the emergence of what are best described as religions.

Since the advent of recorded history around 3000 BC, the human race has witnessed the rise and fall of many cults, and of two fundamental and antithetical Western ideologies: Illuminism and evangelism. (Due to synchronization of belief systems over many generations, the religions representing Illuminism and evangelism are what we call Luciferianism and the Abrahamic religions, respectively, with several degrees of variance. Christians and Muslims seek to share or spread their ideas and ideologies through conversion, while Illuminists seek to deprive knowledge and spread their ideas through subversion only. People generally take it for granted that a man espouses a certain ideology if he simply says as much, and Illuminists profess one cult’s views while secretly espousing another.) The primary conflict of ideologies is due to differences over the revelation of knowledge; Illuminists seek knowledge which is hidden in order to gain an advantage over others, while evangelists seek knowledge which is revealed in order to share it with others, thereby evening out the balance of power. Neither of the fundamental ideologies is a cult, because they are not defined by the various groups whose beliefs or practices are at least partially inspired by them. In short, religions (ideologies) are inclusive and cults (societies) are exclusive.

As much as Satanism and Freemasonry are Illuminist or Luciferian institutions, the most pervasive of the ancient forms of these cults were Judaism and Mithraism. Judaism was given a death blow when the Temple of Zerubbabel in Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD, and the primary cult center of the Luciferian religion was transferred to Rome, which had been the center of the Mithras cult since the Kingdom of Pergamum had been bequeathed to the Roman Senate. The world was in a state of social and political upheaval at that time, the Roman legions having conquered much of it before turning on each other. The Flavian dynasty was founded by the family which had laid siege to Jerusalem, and the Colosseum was built for the purpose of restoring social peace, with the spoils of the Judean War. The Roman Catholic Church (from the 1st century) and the other pseudo-Christian institutions of medieval Europe and the Near East which followed are represented in the white horse allegory of Revelation 6.

Out of the atmosphere of synchronization and religious tolerance which we call the Pax Romana, several cults based on Yahshuah’s teachings sprang up in cultural centers like Alexandria and Antioch, due to the evangelism of 1st and 2nd century Christians. These cults (later termed ‘Gnostic’ or ‘Essene’) were denounced by Roman synodical conventions, and by the writings of prominent ecumenical policy-makers such as Augustine of Hippo. Some were blatantly Luciferian, such as the Naassenes and Manichaeans, and some were simply thrown into the mix because it was difficult for orthodox heresiologists to keep track of them all.82

After the end of the Pax Romana and a long period of decline and civil strife, Constantine I unified the Empire by waging war on his rivals, including his brother-in-law and former ally, the Christian emperor Licinius. As soon as Licinius was defeated and his family and lieutenants were all murdered, Constantine called a convention of church leaders to force his religion over the Christian lands of the East, and made Byzantium (Licinius’ capital, now Istanbul) the new administrative capital of the Empire in order to enforce his policy of religious intolerance. Since then, the exoteric forms (cults) of the Illuminist religion have held an undisputed position of dominance over the ancient evangelist cults in Western civilization.



Contemporary Cults


Some cults not sanctioned by the Illuminati have drawn their ire, especially those whose leaders have become aware of their plan of world subjugation. The most famous incident of the Illuminati stifling the message of a cult is the case of the destruction of the Branch Davidian sect’s Mount Carmel Ranch in Waco, Texas by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Federal Bureau of Investigations on 19 Apr 1993. The BATF and the FBI burned their compound for no apparent reason and killed 74 people, the majority of them unarmed women and children.83 The point of contention is that the BATF and National Guard came in with their guns blazing and the Branch Davidians did not even fight back, and instead of an epic battle between good and evil (the way the media tried to portray the Branch Davidians’ perception of it), the American public witnessed a senseless massacre.

The official reason given for the Waco siege and raids was that the Branch Davidians possessed weapons which were illegal. As anyone who has seen the evidence can attest, this is a blatant lie.84 The implicit reason purported by the media in America was that the sect was a danger to society (meaning a danger to the agenda of the Illuminati) and that they were stockpiling weapons to wait for Armageddon. Rumors were circulated claiming that the sect’s leader Vernon Howell—better known as David Koresh—thought he was Jesus Christ, and the general public accepted this disinformation even though it did not believe the other stories.

In truth, the Branch Davidians were actually a separatist faction of religious zealots, just like the 1st century Christians, and this is why they became the target of the Illuminati. The real reason for the massacre is that the evidence against the Illuminati, which Koresh was compiling, had to be destroyed, and this is why the FBI’s negotiations were sabotaged to prevent them from leaving the compound (i.e., to prevent their testimonies from being heard).85 The Branch Davidians’ plan was to escape the US and seek haven at Mt. Carmel in Israel (hence the name of the Mt. Carmel Ranch in Waco) for reasons having to do with religious convictions, and ultimately an unfavorable opinion of the Luciferian agenda. The Illuminati determined to have them make their final stand in Texas rather than in Israel, and earlier than the sect was prepared for. Knowing this, it is absurd to think that they would have been stockpiling illegal weapons only to carry them on a commercial flight to Israel.

The events at Waco angered a lot of otherwise patriotic Americans and began an era in US history which the Branch Davidians had been expecting and had predicted. Not long after the incident, the American government perpetrated its first act of terrorism deliberately aimed against its own population since 1941 (the destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) and blamed it on Timothy McVeigh, a brainwashed US Army veteran who had been recruited to help the BATF carry out the action. This first terror attack served to desensitize the American population to increasingly catastrophic events. Although the two incidents were totally unrelated as far as the victims are concerned, the Illuminati drew a connection out of expediency in order to encourage fear of separatist groups (especially religiously motivated sects) and push their agenda of gun control legislation.

The BATF have perpetrated many other similar atrocities against American citizens who refuse to play their game, one of the most controversial of which is the slaying of Sammy and Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, the anti-Illuminati Aryan Nation’s stronghold. The killings brought the Aryan Nation to notoriety, and this seems to be the reason for them.86 Randy Weaver’s trial actually occurred while the Branch Davidians were under siege. Neither he nor his wife’s killer were ever convicted (not surprisingly, the latter was not even brought to trial) but the Weaver family was awarded a $3.1 million in a wrongful death countersuit.87

Other cults have existed which have furthered the Illuminist agenda of the subversion of the world’s religions without even necessarily being aware of it. Religious sects centered around charismatic personas make media headlines with their fringe beliefs, while benevolent and mainstream religious institutions with hundreds of thousands of times more members are being ignored. After all, controversy and sensationalism are what sell, and few people not born with a silver spoon in the present era can claim to be as controversial as Charles Manson, or the Heaven’s Gate cult leader Marshall Applewhite, or the Peoples Temple cult leader Jim Jones.

Unlike David Koresh, Jim Jones actually did claim to be an incarnation of several famous religious figures such as Yahshuah, the Buddha, Akhenaten, Vladimir Lenin and Father Divine.88 He even encouraged his followers to think of him as God. Most Peoples Temple members followed the cult headquarters when it moved to the jungle of Guyana after being investigated for tax evasion.89 Apostates warned of human rights abuses, murders and a mass suicide plan, but the authorities did not take the warnings seriously. A total of 918 people were found dead at Jonestown after the alleged mass suicide of 18 Nov 1978.90

While it could simply be said that Jones was a CIA agent and that his immediate henchmen were CIA assets, and this should give enough insight into the motives behind the cult’s existence, the Peoples Temple is still a perfect example of a personality cult and of how some religious sects can enable the disinformation and propaganda of the corporate media and government agencies to achieve popular consensus through perfected mind control techniques. While it was active, many Peoples Temple cult members did not even distinguish between the movement and its leader. Later on, the propaganda resurfaces in the collective subconscious and materializes when victims like the Branch Davidians are targeted. The idea is to get people implicitly thinking, So what if the US government mercilessly slaughtered 74 civilians who tried to exercise their Constitutionally protected rights to bear arms and practice a religion which is harmless to everyone who doesn’t? At least they prevented another Jonestown. At least the government killed them before they could commit suicide. Thank God for intolerance of religious freedom, gun control legislation and strong central government.

Whatever the result of the conflict between the personality cult and the government, fortune never favors the cult. Whatever the pretext for the government’s interventions and regardless of the veracity of the pretext, the government never has benign motives. Some cults are simply outside the reach of the Illuminati because the personas behind them are not motivated by profit or by Masonic or any other Illuminati ideals, and these particular cults are therefore not able to be bought by the international bankers and incorporated into the syncretic New Age religion. Personality cults exist simply because people want to be led, whether by societies, governments or individuals, and not all leaders are in the pockets of the international bankers, nor are they all produced by some sort of hereditary status in a particular secret society. That the Illuminati consider the personality cults to be a threat should be a clue as to what kind of ideology it is that they fear, considering they are more concerned about the exact length of Randy Weaver’s gun barrel hundreds of miles from civilization than with bringing peace to war-torn places like Bosnia and Palestine, or even protecting US embassies in Africa.





The ideology that has become known as fundamentalism exists solely to usurp the ideological power of religious groups which have maintained it, through the advocating of trends against cultural norms and traditions, and appealing to their roots. By this loose definition, it should be apparent that most cults are fundamentalist, as nearly all of them claim to have new insights into ancient knowledge. In all cases, fundamentalism is a type of legalism which represents neither the spirit of the advocated religion nor the will of the majority. Through calculated placement of their agents and disproportionate media coverage, the Illuminati have managed to create fundamentalist sects which to many ignorant opponents of religion seems to represent the core beliefs of the separate religions. The fundamentalists are then used to draw moderate sympathizers into the causes of Hegelian conflicts.

Fundamentalism has been advanced most notably by Orthodox Judaism, the CIA’s Wahhabi sect of Islam, and the so-called Christian right in America. When people refer to the Christian right they are really referring, with only a few exceptions, to fundamentalist lobby groups which are financed by the Illuminati bankers for the subversion of the voting power granted by the population that maintains traditional Christian values. This happens to be the largest voting demographic in the United States, and the Christian right lobby groups completely dominate it. Their main objective is the propagation of Zionism.

Christian fundamentalism is basically represented best by Pat Robertson, an Illuminist of the Phi Beta Kappa variety and author of several subversive publications, including a book called The New World Order. Like other fundamentalists, he is, according to the Coalition for Jewish Concerns, unwavering in his support for Israel. The Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign awarded him the Defender of Israel Award in 1994, and the Zionist Organization of America awarded him the State of Israel Friendship Award in 2002.91 Although a professed Christian, his view of Christians (not to mention Muslims and Hindus) can only be described as intolerant compared to his love for his own Masonic crypto-Jewish faith. In 1991, for example, he called Protestant Christians the “spirit of antichrist.”92

Robertson thought he was popular enough to begin seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for the US presidency in 1986. While this has done nothing to advance his political career, campaign contributions have made him very rich, while giving many foolish Christians the false impression that their voices are being heard and represented. The vicious cycle is even more lucrative, as The 700 Club reaches millions of homes, and unwitting Christians who are repeatedly asked for donations feel good about contributing to the causes of this Illuminist. This makes sense, of course, as Christianity is a charity-based ideology, as opposed to a capital-based corporation, which means that Christians are easy prey for selfishly-motivated pundits of what is now called “prosperity theology” or the “health and wealth gospel.” Christianity elevates men of high moral character, while its antithesis elevates men of low moral character. The latter collect donations on TV, but watching television makes for a good substitute to loving your neighbor, to those who are Christians in name only.

Robertson is not and has never been a Christian in any sense of the word. He advocates such anti-Christian values as murder (e.g., political assassinations—that of Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez in particular, but really, of any head of state who goes against the NWO) and mass murder (e.g., the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, which he described as “a righteous cause out of the Bible”) in a manner which sickens passive observers and tends to make them drift toward opposing ideologies, as they make the mistake of associating his ideas with those of the true Christian religion.93 This is the norm among Zionists, not the exception, and most of the highly funded Christian Zionist media are engaged in one scandal or another.

For example, between 1984 and 1987, televangelist Jim Bakker (who was actually recruited by Pat Robertson, and worked for Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network) awarded himself $4 million just in bonuses—not including salary—for preaching “Christian” values.94 When news of Bakker’s scandals hit the press, fellow televangelist Jimmy Swaggart called him “a cancer on the body of Christ,” and was himself subsequently defamed for a scandal involving a prostitute.95 Ralph Reed, the first executive director of the Christian Coalition (the most powerful lobby group in America, founded by Pat Robertson) was also involved in the Jack Abramoff Indian lobbying scandal and has been condemned in Abramoff’s guilty plea. Despite this, Reed has since gone on to found the Faith and Freedom Coalition, which he calls “a 21st century version of the Christian Coalition,” but which (like the Christian Coalition) is little else but a Republican Party-sponsored think tank for Christian Zionism intended to inform Republican politicians of what their constituents expect of them on matters concerning religion. All of these men are Illuminists preaching and living according to values which are clearly and diametrically antithetical to apostolic Christianity, but maintain a base of support numbering in the millions in America alone.

In 2006, the most influential policy-makers in the Christian right without direct, revealed ties to the Illuminati were Jerry Falwell (now deceased) and James Dobson. Although a staunch Zionist, Falwell distanced himself from Illuminism, and his was the version of the ideology which is now called ‘Christian Zionism’ instead of ‘political Zionism.’ That is to say that he was more responsible than any other American (and anyone in general, except for Cyrus Schofield and John Nelson Darby a century earlier) for the subversion of Christianity in America by political Zionists. Controversial in his own right, Falwell effectively betrayed the Illuminati by taking his Republican ideology too far with his release of The Clinton Chronicles in 1994, detailing Bill Clinton’s cocaine-smuggling operation in Mena, Arkansas.96 Falwell’s connections to the Illuminati after 1994 are therefore subject to speculation, but Mel White, the ghost writer of his autobiography, has also written for Robertson, Bakker, and Billy Graham, as well as producing many of his own materials, including 53 documentary films and television specials.97 Falwell, who was better known for his intolerance of homosexuality and opposition to gay marriage than any other single issue, published his autobiography in 1996, two years after White (who is now married to the man he had been dating for a decade) came out as a homosexual and dedicated himself to ministering (as a pastor) to other homosexuals.

Dobson is recognized as the brain behind Christian fundamentalism, and in 2006 his program Focus on the Family was being broadcast on over 6000 radio stations worldwide.98 Like Reed, Dobson was also implicated in the Abramoff scandal, but was apparently ignorant of the existence of the Illuminati until sometime after 2008, and has opposed them on many issues. His company declined after predictions were made concerning terrorist attacks in the United States which never materialized, and the Obama Administration responded with inflammatory propaganda which set the standard for counterintelligence operations intended to denounce Christians and their ideals wholesale, most evident in Harold Camping’s Family Radio (which infamously predicted the imminent end of the world on several occasions, beginning in 1994). The label of fundamentalism is not even appropriate for Dobson, as he is a family psychologist and has virtually nothing in common with the fundamentalist movement’s other leaders, who are all Zionists interested only in politics and profits. His association with the Abramoff scandal is likely due to his (apparently former) ignorance of the Satanic conspiracy behind the fundamentalist movement which he was a part of until 2009.

Another Illuminist, Billy Graham, is a Zionist who has taken criticism for refusing to join in on efforts to convert Jews, and has been awarded by the Anti-Defamation League and the National Conference of Christians and Jews.99 His ministry is heavily funded by the Rockefellers.100 Now an old man whose health is deteriorating, but still the most influential and beloved of any Christian evangelist in the world, he came out in full support of Illuminism in his autobiography Just As I Am (2007), contrary to half a century of preaching. (Christians were shocked to learn that he does not believe in a “literal hell.”) He has been a close friend of the Bush family for many years, and his influence was also used to bolster George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign through a special recitation two days before the election, and through rumors of Bush’s only recorded public reference to Jesus Christ.101

The most influential of the known Illuminati members who has been placed into the Christian establishment besides the Christian Coalition group is William Bennett, co-founder of Empower America. Empower America was already the second most influential Christian lobby group in America (after the Christian Coalition) before merging with David Koch’s Citizens for a Sound Economy in 2004 to create FreedomWorks, which then kept Bennett on as Senior Fellow (i.e., the senior policy maker without board membership because he was not a major investor). Like Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition, FreedomWorks aims at neoconservative subversion of the Judeo-Christian ethos in America, and supporters of the Tea Party in particular. In fact, Bennett’s appointment to the post of Secretary of Education (1985-1988) is regarded as the watershed event which created the split between paleoconservatives and neoconservatives in the American government.

The fact that Bennett is a world-class hypocrite and crypto-Jew is evident in the fact that he is notoriously opposed to gay marriage and stem-cell research, while Koch actively supports the very same with his money (through the David H. Koch Charitable Foundation, alluded to previously). Koch is a ranking Illuminist, having been educated at Deerfield Academy, arguably the most prestigious of the Round Square schools in North America, which he has endowed well enough to have its Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology named after him. Merely being associated with him, much less with Irving Kristol, the Bush family (and he was 1st Director of the National Drug Control Policy under George H. W. Bush), the Claremont Institute, the Center for Security Policy, the Heritage Foundation, or his brother Robert Bennett (a Washington attorney who has defended both CIA and government officials on multiple occasions), ought to damn Bennett in the minds of all Christians. As if that is not enough, he is also a member of the Project for the New American Century.102

One major contemporary right-wing think tank stands out from the rest as promoting a truth-based worldview.103 The John Birch Society (JBS) describes itself as “a membership-based organization dedicated to restoring and preserving freedom under the United States Constitution.”104 A conspiracist can at least applaud the fact that the JBS admits, unlike virtually every other think tank in the United States, that Constitutional freedoms are not the status quo. The group’s ideologies are presented with a geopolitical lens rather than a religious one, but there are strong anti-Illuminism overtones deep behind the fluff of material against ‘collectivism’ (government interventionism—liberalism, socialism, communism and fascism). The JBS has produced leading American intellectuals such as G. Edward Griffin and Congressman Ron Paul.

The JBS is, in fact, hated and openly ridiculed by conservative and liberal groups alike, particularly on account of its support for the Austrian School of economics (which is also advocated by the neoconservative think tanks, as well as the Tea Party). Its second chairman Congressman Larry McDonald was the apparent target of the KAL-007 disaster. It has staunchly opposed the globalization movement since the late 1950s and has lobbied the US to withdraw from the United Nations and its free-trade agreements. However, it does not endorse politicians like the other lobby groups do, and therefore has no power in Congress. Instead, it criticizes every politician responsible for the subversion of the United States, beginning with Dwight D. Eisenhower, the “conscious, dedicated agent of the Communist Conspiracy.”105

The JBS may not be perfect, it may not have all the details right, and its members may sometimes go on to become stooges of the Illuminati’s most insidious counterintelligence operations (as in the cases of Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul), but the fact that it has been marginalized by the Illuminati-controlled neoconservative fundamentalist power base since at least the time of Bennett’s appointment to the US Department of Education is a testament to its sincerity. As the Political Research Associates claim, “According to [JBS leader Robert] Welch, both the US and Soviet governments are controlled by the same furtive conspiratorial cabal of internationalists, greedy bankers, and corrupt politicians. If left unexposed, the traitors inside the US government would betray the country’s sovereignty to the United Nations for a collectivist New World Order managed by a ‘one-world socialist government.’ The Birch Society incorporated many themes from pre-WWII rightist groups opposed to the New Deal, and had its base in the business nationalist sector.”106 This is supposed to be an attack, but in their ignorance, the politically-inspired detractors of the JBS have neglected to mention that all of this is true. More often than not, the wisest way to judge an ideology is by what its opponents have to say about it, and that is how we may exonerate the JBS from its association with the likes of paleoconservative Republicans like Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul.






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82 It must be remembered that this was before the existence of the New Age Movement, which is a highly organized and refined form of Luciferianism with direct ties to Manichaeism through the Theosophical Society. Even though the New Age Movement encompasses a broad range of beliefs, it is not an amalgamation of the kind used in the 4th century to establish the universal (‘Catholic’) ecumenical system. That 4th century system itself was just a rehashing of the previous incarnations developed by the likes of Numa Pompilius and Caesar Augustus, but with the added pseudo-Christian element to appease Christians in the Roman Empire and subvert their religion. Galerius and Licinius weren’t the first emperors to formally tolerate Christianity, but the Catholic revisionists have told us this because the persecutions that had gone on in the 3rd century (particularly under Decius and Diocletian) were particularly brutal. The revisionists tell us that Christians were persecuted up until the reign of Constantine, but Constantine was unwavering in his persecution of Christians, and he was the emperor who put an end to the Roman government’s tolerance of the sect once and for all. To say nothing of Constantine’s contemporary rivals, the reason the persecutions are pinned on Diocletian and other emperors prior to Constantine is that they actually persecuted Manichaeans more fervently than Christians, and in Constantine’s mind, Manichaeism was the true form of Christianity. Though Manichaeans were persecuted to death until the end of Diocletian’s reign, it has remained the state religion both the Western and Eastern halves of the Roman Empire ever since Constantine overthrew the last Christian emperor, Licinius. Not all of the heresiologists between the 2nd and 4th centuries were aware of this, as some had come before, and those who came after Constantine were clearly forbidden from talking about it.

83 This is the same agency which murdered Milton William Cooper and blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

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85 Technically, the Branch Davidians are Seventh-day Adventists. However, Koresh’s faction probably had no idea that Adventism is an Illuminist doctrine. (See the next chapter.) This is probably a long-lost secret maintained at the highest levels of the SDA’s hierarchy, though actually a matter of public record. Koresh was extremely well-versed in religious literature and must have become disillusioned when he learned about the origins of Adventism. That he was able to pick Mt. Carmel near Haifa for his haven instead of Mt. Zion in Jerusalem is evidence that he knew something of the real origins of Christianity, as well as of the modern Zionist movement, which was practically created by Adventists. He certainly knew the SDA doctrines which inspired his ideas about the Rapture.

86 The Aryan Nation is ignorantly denounced as being a “white supremacist” organization like the more familiar Masonic cult known as the Ku Klux Klan, but a more concise description would be ‘white separatist.’ During the 1990s, the Illuminati desperately tried to draw attention and negative press to groups like this in order to force restrictive firearms legislation onto the United States population without having to repeal the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. By targeting dissident groups and pushing their agenda through, they are able to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Other specific causes for acts of violence have been the shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado on 20 Apr 1999, and the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan. Although the failed plot was hatched in order to put George H. W. Bush into office, the resulting legislation is referred to as the Brady Bill in reference to the would-be assassin whom Bush had recruited.

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