The Bible's Position Against the Eating of Flesh

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Here at, we have discussed the matter of the Bible’s position against the eating of flesh in the book The Abomination of Desolation, in great detail. This is a summary of the findings, the proofs of which may be found throughout that book. To recap, we have seen that, according to Scripture:


  1. The natural diet of Man as prescribed in Genesis 1 consists of a variety of plants (fruits and herbs).
  2. To obviate from this diet causes disease, sickness and death.
  3. Killing/murder, idolatry (animal sacrifice) and adultery/whoring (pollution of the body, especially from eating flesh, but also from consuming GMOs and intoxicants) constitute the greatest sins against God and against Nature, as well as against one’s own body and the victim of the murder.
  4. Those who partake of the flesh of animals invite malicious demons to dwell in them and take over their minds, leading to other sins and to eventual destruction.
  5. The only way to exorcise these demons is to abstain from all animal products, and to fast (detoxification of the flesh) and pray (detoxification of the spirit).
  6. There is no excuse or justification for committing these sins, and all sinners will be held accountable for them.
  7. These sins provoke God to wrath, which is only abated by repentance and remission of sins, and certainly not by any vicarious atonement, as commonly alleged.
  8. The eating of flesh is the sin which caused the Fall of Man, the Flood (indirectly), the destruction of Sodom, the “ban” of the Canaanites, the apostasy of the kings of Israel, the curses and plagues of Israel, the destruction and captivity of Israel and Judah, the persecutions of the prophets and apostles who spoke against it, and numerous other examples of God’s displeasure with those who could not be brought to repent.
  9. No one escapes this judgment, or the consequences it produces, nor are any saved who refuse to obey the law against murder and adultery.
  10. The Christian sacraments (baptism, the Eucharist, laying on hands) originated as rituals designed to encourage repentance and remission of sins.
  11. All the prophets of the Bible opposed sacrifice outside the restrictions of the Law of Moses, and virtually all opposed it altogether (i.e., they were ethical vegetarians). Most were Nazarites, meaning both that they also abstained from intoxicants and that the spirit of the prophetic tradition encompasses a wide range of things to be avoided out of necessity, being fundamentally antagonistic to the natural diet prescribed by God. Some, like Samuel, who set the precedent for all the prophets after him, and James, who set the precedent for all Christians of all places and times, were evidently vegans in the contemporary sense, which includes more than dietary restrictions, and some, like John the Baptist, who abstained from bread, were evidently raw vegans.
  12. All Christians are commanded by absolute necessity to abstain from eating animal flesh, and no one who fails to heed this command can possibly have any inheritance in the kingdom of heaven, or everlasting life. There is no possibility of an exception to this rule, and the true Christian will suffer torture and martyrdom before willfully engaging in the practice even once.
  13. The role of Man as designated by God is to act as the steward of the natural environment. This is a role of compassionate caretaking and servitude in humble obedience, not of bitterness, exploitation and abuse.
  14. To obviate from this role is to not have a purpose, which is the requisite for destruction. Death is inevitable, and God has no intention of circumventing it by awarding everlasting life to those who refuse to aid in this purpose.
  15. The major theme of the Bible, evidenced throughout Scripture, is the gospel of the Restoration, the return of Man to his natural state of harmony and cooperation with Nature, beginning, first and foremost, with the abolition of the sin of eating flesh, and continuing on to reparations for the same.

In regards to how this gospel has been received and implemented, we have also seen that:

  1. The Church is the literal vehicle and throne of Satan. The high-ranking clergy know this and are proud of the fact, having sold their souls for fame and fortune and given themselves over completely to their demons, without reservation.
  2. The Church has deliberately obfuscated, hidden and suppressed the meaning of Scripture in order to establish the religion of Antichrist here on Earth.
  3. The Bible warns about all this, clearly and consistently.
  4. Their destruction, and the destruction of all whom they have led astray, is imminent.
  5. The rites and doctrines of mainstream Christianity are not commemorations of biblical sacraments, themes and ideals, but of the syncretic pagan religion of ancient Rome, as produced and advocated by the enemies of the Gospel, who have viciously and consistently persecuted Christ’s apostles throughout the centuries.
  6. The Church’s principle means of identifying these “heretics” is by their vegetarian ideals; the Church’s official position on the ethical vegetarianism of the Bible is that it is a “dangerous heresy” which needs to be detected and overthrown.