The World at War - The Internationalist Synthesis and the Causes of Conflict
by Paul R. Miller

The World at War  

The World At War is a no-nonsense, no-holds-barred expository treatise of the globalization conspiracy. It explains the real reasons why nations fight and gives descriptions of the real people behind our political leaders, their ideologies and their organizations, starting with a presentation of the philosophical formula which the conspirators have applied to the geopolitical situation for the last two centuries. It then goes on to describe each of the four major causes (Catholicism, Zionism, federalism and socialism) which they have used to incite the masses into supporting the dissolution of conservative government and religion. The book ends with the shocking revelation that the circumstances and reasons for the current World War Three were planned by a small cabal of Satanists in the mid-19th century!

This book takes the main argument presented in William Guy Carr's unfinished Satan, Prince of This World and provides the same analysis polished with the most up to date scholarly resources available. Quotations have been taken from the conspirators in their own words, and an overall picture has been created and systematically disseminated in elementary fashion so that even the most uneducated readers will have an easy time understanding each of the major themes. However, it is not only for beginners, and the most seasoned veterans of this genre are also sure to learn many things and enhance their overall understanding of the topics. The author has taken a neutral stance on every controversial issue presented in Carr's manuscript and thoroughly researched them with such objectivity that it will be impossible to argue with his conclusions. Never before has a publication so truthfully and concisely articulated an overview of the nature and causes of conflict with such scope and definition. This is sure to become the most important book in the e-library of any truth-seeker concerned about the current geopolitical situation, an easily referenceable authority on the internationalist synthesis, and a perfect tool for introducing the conspiratorial view of history to the uninitiated.

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The World at War

From the book:

The key to understanding the conspiracy and how it has been put into action is by following its financial paper trail. Like all other events, wars and revolutions require financing to function, and this is what the publishers of general history textbooks either intentionally omit or negligently overlook. More often than not the paper trial can be traced to Wall Street, and prior to the 20th century, to the wealthy German, Swiss and Italian families which now manage it. Before all these the Knights Templar financed, fought in and exploited all kinds of military activities in many countries as the world's first international credit-based banking institution. The possessions of the Knights Templar were then handed over to the martial orders which took their place, especially the Knights Hospitaller, and to the governments which conspired against them, and the secret societies which succeeded them.

In recent times, as in old, people around the world have been granted the right to accrue and discharge debt by the internationalist conspirators under the guise of philosophical free will and its political counterpart of free choice or self-determination. This puts anything with intrinsic value, such as land and precious metals (i.e., money), into the hands of private collectors who issue fiat currency in exchange for real material wealth. Fiat currency is 'make believe' money, to use a New World Order term, and it only exists because the masses allow it to replace any wealth they could otherwise accumulate. This is made possible by the fact that while fiat currency has only infinitesimal intrinsic value, it has a common societal value which enables people to trade goods by discharging their debts through it. Whoever controls the issued currency therefore owns and controls all the property and labor of those who elect to use it, and without using it, no one who is a part of that system can discharge debt to buy goods or lease property.

In other words, no one who does not use the currency has any wealth, except for what they are able to hide from the system of control which is designed to enforce the bankers' policies (i.e., the government). That is precisely the idea behind the issuance of a fiat currency, because otherwise people would be working and producing for themselves, rather than for the bankers. Furthermore, the threat of impoverishment from working without pay, or even of imprisonment for not paying taxes, is a sufficient by itself to force people to choose and seek out their slavery. The conspirators' overarching tactic is to prey upon "the most sensitive chords of his or her mind, upon the cash account, upon their cupidity, upon their insatiability for material needs and each one of their human weaknesses which, even when taken alone, is sufficient to paralyze initiative, because it hands over the will of men to the disposal of those who buy their activities."

All debtors are controlled by their creditors in ways they do not even begin to comprehend, because all legal transactions in any given society are governed by certain rules which ensure that power and wealth are channeled to them. Due to the obviously unethical nature of this exploitation, the lower classes of citizens eventually accrue so much debt that they cannot even provide for their basic human needs. The paper notes which have been issued then become worthless, and the economy collapses, leaving the bankers in sole custody of all money, whether real or imagined, except for what the masses take away to barter for their survival once again.

In this way fiat currency is potentially disastrous for everyone except those who possess wealth which can retain some value after the financial collapse. It can only maintain its value as long as those who barter with it trust the issuing government to levy taxes and pay its debts. As of 2012, the United States has over $16.2 trillion of public debt which its citizens are responsible for discharging, a figure which is growing by over $4 billion every day. (This does not even include private debt which doubles the figure. When the second edition of this book was published in 2008, the figure was $9.3 trillion, increasing by $1.4 billion every day.) Incidentally, there is less than $1 trillion of ledger money in existence, the large majority of which is outside the US. This debt will never be paid, and in fact the vast majority of it literally cannot ever be paid.

When the US dollar crashes, the entire world economy will be ruined unless the event is managed by the international bankers. There are many things which could act as a catalyst, but the actual cause of such a crash would be the loss of confidence in the dollar. The New World Order know all of this and have spent the last two centuries acquiring all the world's money and resources for themselves while maintaining the delicate balance of transactions necessary to keep the system impossibly working. If not for this cooperative management, the world economy would crash instantly.

As the internationalist bankers control the politicians, they also have the power to cause or prevent a stock market crash by influencing public confidence in fiat currency. The New World Order's motto is ordo ab chao ('order out of chaos'), and their agenda is to crash the world market at an opportune time for implementing their final synthesis. The bankers who manipulate the economies and governments of the countries they hail from desire to control not only the wealth and resources of their respective nations, but those of the whole world. They are united in their internationalist cause, and do not even recognize such nations the way the masses do. History shows that all domestic and international revolutions have been financed transnationally by capitalists in order to cancel the debts of and bring about spontaneous transference of wealth and power to those who stand to gain from such transactions. The Bolsheviks were backed by Gerson Schröder in Germany and Jacob Schiff in America; the Nazis were backed by Fritz Thyssen in Germany and Prescott Bush and Henry Ford in America, and so on.

This is the purpose of the conspiracy: to lead the masses out of their present oppressions and into a new and total subjection--a totalitarian dictatorship. There is simply no other plausible explanation for the capitalist financing of the world's most "evil" political machinations which are theoretically opposed to capitalism, other than complicity in a grand scheme which reaches past short-term material, political and economic gain, to the very nature of power.

This plan has manifested itself in more ways than global capitalism and socialism, however. When the goals of the conspirators are reached, these too will be done away with, and in fact now that the conspirators are firmly in control, they exist simply to weaken and terrorize each other so that the masses will become utterly disillusioned and welcome the New World Order's internationalism pogrom. Ironically, the conspirators' agents have used the idea of world government through global conquest as an antithesis to foment the wars which have put them in power. In the following chapters, we will be taking a closer look at this trend, as well as each of the other major causes, and their roles in shaping the New World Order.


From the notes:

Weishaupt is clearly the inspiration for Mary Shelley's famous character Victor Frankenstein. The alternative title to her novel is The Modern Prometheus (i.e., Lucifer). A foreign resident of Geneva, Frankenstein studies forbidden alchemy at Ingolstadt University, just like Weishaupt. Shelley even made her character's sister his lover, and he is mentored by an old alchemist affiliated with the university. (This character was modeled after Weishaupt's godfather, who was the university's curator.) She published the third and heavily revised edition in 1831, after her inspiration died; this is the edition which became popular and is widely read now. (Some sources claim Weishaupt died in 1814. However, I am inclined to think this news was arranged to encourage the readmission of the Jesuits into the Catholic Church, which happened that year.) The fact that the popular story of Frankenstein's monster is a literary portrayal of the birth of the Order of the Illuminati, despite its many alchemical overtones and parallels to Weishaupt's personal life, just proves how ignorant the public really is of the conspiracy, especially considering Shelley's other sources have all been thoroughly documented.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Conspiratorial Nature of History
1.1 Hegelian Dialectic
 1.2 Accidentalism
 1.3 Conspiracism
 1.4 Internationalism
Chapter 2 - The Internationalist Synthesis
2.1 Fascism
 2.2 Illuminism
 2.3 The Illuminist Protocols
 2.4 The New World Order
Chapter 3 - The Internationalist Hierarchy 3.1 The Supreme Council
 3.2 The Administrative Council
 3.3 The Political Action Council
 3.4 Central High Freemasonry
Chapter 4 - The Causes of Conflict 4.1 Catholicism
 4.2 Zionism
 4.3 Federalism
 4.4 Socialism
Chapter 5 - The Catholic Cause
5.1 The Knights Templar
 5.2 The Society of Jesus
 5.3 The Protestant Reformation
 5.4 The Catholic Synthesis
Chapter 6 - The Zionist Cause
6.1 Marxism
 6.2 The World Zionist Organization
 6.3 The Restoration
 6.4 The Zionist Synthesis
Chapter 7 - The Federalist Cause
7.1 The American Revolution
 7.2 The United States of America
 7.3 The French Revolution
 7.4 The Federalist Synthesis
Chapter 8 - The Socialist Cause
8.1 The Russian Revolution
 8.2 The Soviet Union
 8.3 Other Revolutions
 8.4 The Socialist Synthesis
Chapter 9 - The World At War
9.1 Albert Pike's Three World Wars
 9.2 Friedrich Engels' Next World War